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The Complete Guide To The Various Payment Options

by Nathan Zachary
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Nowadays, several options are available to consumers when it comes to completing a payment. They may use a watch, phone, fingerprint, or even their house keys.

With so many alternatives and interactions, businesses also seem to have a greater chance to meet more consumer needs, which might assist lower cart abandonment and boosting customer retention.

What is a payment option?

The ways that your customers can purchase your good or service are referred to as payment options. You can typically choose between paying with cash, a credit card, or a smartphone when you purchase at a uae payment gateway.

When you make an online purchase, you’ll likely also notice a dropdown menu with all the available payment methods, including card, immediate bank transfer, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrency. You might be shocked to learn that there are more than 200 different payment options.

Payment options list


Cash is the simplest and most traditional form of payment; these are the actual coins and bills you can find in your purse, at an ATM, or the institution.

However, cash contributions have fallen by 15% during the last two decades. Although they are the least expensive method of accepting payments, many businesses favour the reliability and safety of uae payment gateway.

Debit cards

The added security provided by debit cards when making payments is their main advantage. Customers must provide a unique PIN code, and every payment must pass via a card network like Visa or Mastercard. That guarantees that purchases are legitimate and originate from confirmed bank accounts.

Utilizing a card machine, commonly referred to as a POS machine, is typically necessary to take debit card payments.

Credit Cards

Banks sponsor credit cards, and customers pay with borrowed funds instead of funds from a bank account. Credit card limits are pre-approved, and customers gradually repay them (plus interest) over time. Customers can use credit cards to spread out payments over time and get rewards and credits for their purchases.

Credit cards function as compared to debit cards for business. Payments are processed over a card network, a PIN is required, and the credit card provider offers an extra layer of security.

Bank transfers

B2b sales and larger transactions like wholesale orders frequently use bank transfers. Since there is no card system in place to supervise the transaction and money transfers cannot be reversed in the event of an error, they are frequently less safe than other payment options despite being quite popular. Additionally, processing uae payment gateway requires a lot more physical labour and time.

Direct debit

Planned and automated payments, like direct debits, are frequently used for household expenses and subscription payment schemes like TV memberships. To guarantee that monthly payments are made on schedule each month or week, the consumer establishes a direct debit requirement with their bank.

In 2019, more than 4.5 billion payments were processed via direct debit, which offers a complete return guarantee for any incorrect payments.

Another well-liked payment option for companies is direct debit, which provides a monthly income assurance. Direct debits are not appropriate for every business and, like bank transfers, do not have the additional security provided by a card network, even though it enhances client retention.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments are ways to make purchases using your phone. They could be made remotely, in person, or through uae payment gateway. Digital payments, QR codes, and transaction links are a few types of mobile payments.

Mobile payments, one of the most recent payment options, have only been around for a little over a decade. Still, they are now among the most popular, with Google and Apple Pay claiming a total of 500 million active users.

It is because they are highly convenient payment options and, thanks to biometrics, are frequently considered safer than conventional payment options.

QR codes and transaction links, which both support credit/debit card transactions and Apple or Google Pay, are two among the most well-liked mobile payment options.

Mobile payments: e-wallets

Mobile wallets are electronic wallets that allow your consumers to make payments both online and off, often known as virtual wallets or e-wallets.

Apple Pay and WeChatPay are a few examples of digital payment; these services essentially enable users to keep money on their phones and then use it to make payments using biometrics.

Because wallet-to-wallet transfers are typically free, mobile wallets are a preferred uae payment gateway since they are quick, safe, and frequently much less expensive.

Mobile payments: payment Links

A straightforward and practical method of receiving money remotely is using payment connections. Businesses essentially offer a link to their customers by text or email; they only need to fill out their credit card information to process the purchase securely.

In addition to being a very flexible payment option, providing a link directly to the consumers’ mobile phones significantly speeds up the payment process.

Mobile payments: QR code payments

Paying with a QR code can significantly speed up in-person purchases. As more individuals choose to place their orders online, you have probably seen them on dining tables and at cafes outside.

The procedure is straightforward: after users scan the QR code, a message appears that directs them to a different payment site where they may enter their information and finish the transaction. They can also decide to use their favourite mobile e-wallet, like Google or Apple Pay, to make their payment.

Company owners can use QR codes to transform their cellphones into card readers. That greatly reduces the cost of accepting payments and expedites order processing.

Alternative payments

“Buy now, pay later” is one example of an alternative payment mechanism. Other examples include

  • digital currencies (like cryptocurrencies)
  • prepaid cards.
  • Cheques

If some of these techniques are considered “alternative payments,” others look outmoded or overly modern. It depends on the target audience if it is worthwhile to incorporate them as a uae payment gateway in some circumstances.

What type of payment is most typical?

With 42% of all online and offline payments presently made using a debit card, it is the most popular payment option.

Money, debit card, and credit card transactions come next; nevertheless, it’s important to note that mobile payments are expanding most quickly. The least popular method of payment is checked.


There are multiple types of payments options available. Card payments are not just the most widely used payment option but also the safest. That is mostly due to the requirement that each card payment passes through a card network, like Visa or Mastercard. Card networks ensure that the transaction is safe and that the payment comes from a legitimate bank account. The business and the client can get in touch with the card network to handle any problems with the payment.

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