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The textile industry plays an important role in providing one of the basic needs of mankind – clothing. Other textile applications include home textiles, medical, industrial and technical items. This independent industry has managed to assert itself over the years from the production b2b textile directory listing site of the raw materials to the actual end product. This is an industry that makes a significant contribution to a country’s economy. The advent of the internet has only seldom propelled this industry, especially through this technological medium called B2B.

Global Textile Market Status

That accounts for about 50 percent of the entire world market for textiles. Experts forecast an estimated growth of 25 percent in this market from 2002 to 2010 – that corresponds to over 35 million tons of tissue.

Where there used to be geographic challenges in the international trade in textiles, today achieving global partnerships with international companies is just an internet connection away. Through the use of technology, manufacturers can connect with distributors and retailers with the click of a button and retailers can follow.

Covers all this machinery

The general term that encompasses this entire machinery of goods exchange between companies in different countries is global sourcing. This is a trade or business concept that includes multinational purchasing, internet marketing and end product target marketing.

B2B or business-to-business is an aspect of global sourcing that serves as a portal for different companies from all parts of the world to match and exchange goods and services online.

Pretty bright where the textile industry

Things are still looking rosy in the textile industry. According to the latest statistics, the global apparel market is skyrocketing to over US$400 billion.

The further growth of the textile industry is somehow due to the abolition of the quota in 2005. From then on, new players came along, but also new buyers, which strongly influenced the growth.

Benefits of B2b

Companies that have recognized the advantages of B2B have been able to increase their competitiveness. The strategy has enabled them to effectively promote their products while identifying and locating their B2B customers worldwide.

The world is a very competitive market for textiles, but there is room for everyone and everyone can get a piece of the pie if they know what to do and the strategies to use.

Everything you wanted to know about B2B portals

B2B (business-to-business) websites include all Internet-based technical solutions that provide services in establishing new commercial relationships between companies and supporting existing ones. A B2B portal primarily serves as a platform for wholesalers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers to conduct their business activities online. It enables the electronic transmission of orders, invoicing and payments.

B2B website

B2B site has become one of the most sophisticated and tech-savvy modes of business transactions as well as a sales platform. It offers the user the opportunity to reach companies and businesses worldwide. B2B online marketing free textile marketplace registration is an essential part from both a buyer and seller perspective. It makes it easier for buyers to search for new suppliers, publish purchase requests and search for used or new capital goods. From a seller perspective it is easy to find buyers for their products, they could sell both new and used products online. They could even access information about their competitors.

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