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The Instagram logo is located in the top left corner

by Nathan Zachary
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what is the order of views on instagram story. It can be difficult to see where your followers have been when you’re not on the site. You’ll miss many of the photos you want to see if you don’t know where they are going. This new feature is a great way to make sure you’re never missing anything.

How to Sort Instagram Feed
Instagram is one the most popular social media platforms. Whether you are looking for friends or family, the platform allows you to follow their posts in chronological order. There are three ways to sort your feed.

The first option is to sort your feed by date. This makes it easier to find new posts. Filtering your feed can be done by selecting which accounts you wish to see. It will then show you only posts from these selected accounts.

Another option is to sort your feed using Favorites. This will only show you posts from accounts you’ve starred in. These posts will be ranked higher on your Home feed. Users can also delete accounts from their Favorite List by visiting their profile.

You can also sort your feed by following. This will only show posts from accounts you follow. You can follow up to 50 accounts at a time and choose which ones to mark as favorites.

In January, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced a change to the way the feed is sorted. He stated that it would eventually be available to everyone, but it wasn’t clear when.

The Instagram logo is located in the top left corner. Users can enable these new features by tapping it. You will be taken to the feed management section when you tap on it. At the bottom of the page, you can then choose the sorting options. Those options include Following, Favorites, and Home.

Currently, the sorting options are based on an algorithm. Instagram plans to improve the service, including adding more recommendations to your feed. And, if you don’t like the feed that’s shown to you, you can switch back to the standard one.

Depending on your preferences, you will have three different ways to sort your feed on Instagram. Using these tips, you should be able to make your feed more customized. These changes are still being implemented and users may need to wait a while before they become available to them.

Steps to Sort Instagram Feed
Instagram recently introduced the ability to sort its feeds. This update allows you to view posts in a more chronological fashion. It’s also a way to keep track of what’s going on in your social networks. You can view new posts from accounts that you follow or favorite users.

Sorting your feed in a chronological order is a great way to make your time spent on the app more productive. And it makes it easier to find the posts you want to see. Instagram claims that ranked feeds make people happier.

To change your feed to a chronological order, you can follow the steps outlined below. Before you start, you should download the latest version of the Instagram app and enable the feature. Next, tap the logo in the upper left corner of your screen. Next, you’ll be prompted to select ‘Home’ or ‘Favourites.’ Once you’ve selected the one you prefer, you’ll be ready to sort your feed.

You can see chronologically all posts from your favorite accounts if you choose the following feed. However, you won’t be able to see posts from other accounts that you don’t follow.

Similarly, if you choose Favorites, you’ll be able to only see posts from your favorite users. These will be starred and appear higher up on your standard feed. This feature cannot be locked down.

There are also two other ways to sort your feed on Instagram. They’re both pretty simple. Using the first option will show you posts in a chronological order. It doesn’t display stories, which are displayed in the next feed.


The second option is more complicated. With it, you can set up a list of your favorites. You’ll see the suggestion to add a user as a favorite when you open the app. After you’ve done this, you can remove them by tapping the star icon.

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