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The Long-Term Benefits of eCommerce SEO Services

by Nathan Zachary

One of the largest facets of digital marketing – perhaps even the biggest, even compared with social media marketing – is search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO offers many long-term advantages to businesses that invest in it. So let’s take a look at a few of them.

So What Are the Reason to Invest in SEO?
Without a doubt, the most significant benefit of eCommerce SEO services is that they will increase your visibility online. SEO hinges on a cohort of select target keywords that, when your website is optimized for them, will push your website higher in the organic search engine results for those keywords, variants, and queries containing them.

This, in turn, will result in new and revitalized organic traffic streams to your eCommerce website. Your website will receive new visitors and on-page metrics, like time on page and the average number of pages per session, also typically increase.

These are the two main long-term benefits of eCommerce SEO services, but there are many more.

Namely, pursuant to an SEO campaign, it is likely that your online store will become more profitable. This is because your targeting will improve. When a website is optimized for keywords that are closely associated with an intent to make a purchase, there is a greater likelihood that more of the visitors to your website will want to make a purchase.

Consequently, eCommerce SEO services are also associated with improvements in targeting that yield more fruitful website interactions. Revenue, conversions, and sales often increase as a result.

Comprehensive SEO services will also improve the overall experience of shopping on your website, giving a big boost to UX.

For one, comprehensive services will revamp much of the content on your website, which will result in a more productive, more enjoyable user experience.

Many SEO campaigns also take into account a variety of technical concerns, such as site speed, security, and broken links. Rectifying these errors will improve your SEO and your UX – further improving the odds of a lucrative interaction between your website and a visitor, and one that results in a sale.

So, SEO can improve a website’s UX in many ways. And, an implicit benefit of improving the UX of an eCommerce website (even if it is solely to improve search engine rankings) will result in a more professional-looking website with more valuable content – and that builds authority, credibility (or expertise), and trust – which, as you may know, are Google’s criteria for ranking a website.

Since SEO is so closely associated with the user experience, SEO efforts can also have a pronounced impact on branding.

Long-term effects of SEO include offsetting the costs of paid search marketing. The more users find your website organically, the less it is imperative for you or your marketing team to pour money into paid search campaigns that, while they can be profitable, are very expensive. The long-term return on investment in SEO can be enormous when compared to PPC.

SEO also provides support (as it is also supported in turn by) your other organic marketing campaigns, including but not limited to social media marketing and content marketing. All of these organic marketing strategies work together to support each other’s efforts.

Ready for eCommerce SEO Services?
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