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The Most Powerful Black Ops 3 Origins Weapons

by Nathan Zachary

The PPSH and the Ray Gun Mark 2 are among the most popular of Black Ops 3’s most potent weapons. These weapons are the most effective in destroying foes and worth constructing due to their ammunition and damage. In addition, they are exclusive to Origins, meaning they cannot be upgraded via mystery boxes or pack-punch. However, they are still worth constructing and are an excellent option for any player who wishes to improve their damage and ammunition.

Ray Gun Mark 2

The Radiation Weapon Mark II is a new Ray Gun variation that can be obtained in Mystery Boxes on the Buried Zombies Map. Unlike its predecessor, the Mark II is not restricted to the Zombies map. The Ray Gun has a limited likelihood of being retrieved from the Mystery Box, making it less valuable than its original counterpart. However, it is far more challenging to get than the original.

The MP40 submachine gun is another weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins that is highly lethal. It has an extremely high fire rate, making it a helpful weapon for scoring points. Additionally, its ammunition can be upgraded for enhanced damage. This weapon is the best option for a first-person shooter due to its extreme accuracy. This weapon is also effective against zombies and will quickly dispatch them.


The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is a new Wonder Weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins. This weapon was designed by Doctor Edward Richtofen and is one of the game’s most potent. It is powered by a robust electric current and can kill up to ten zombies with a single shot. This weapon is an excellent choice for dealing with large numbers of adversaries and zombie swarms. However, it has several disadvantages.

The Wunderwaffe DG-2 utilises three Tesla power tubes to boost the gun’s voltage and damage. The player must replace these tubes in the gun’s breech by pulling a lever to activate the power cells. Without Speed Cola, a full reload will take six seconds, but with it, it will only take three. The DG-2 can be upgraded to the DG-3 form, which enhances the weapon’s damage and makes it the most potent weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins.

Ice staff code

The Ice Staff code is one of the finest weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins. This weapon can instantly freeze entire hordes of zombies. To obtain the Ice Staff, you must locate three components: a black disc, a coloured disc, and a gramophone. Getting these components may require some time; therefore, patience is needed. After locating all three parts, you can construct an Ice Staff.

While the staff has several advantages, the ice effect makes it truly remarkable. The Ice Staff can kill zombies with a single shot, and its storm impact can be deadly. The single image of the staff is effective against panser and zombies, as well as robot RNG. However, the negative of the team is its limited ammunition. However, if you intend to use it in high-level rounds, you must possess this weapon.


Although the PPSH is not the most potent weapon in the game, it reloads the quickest. The PPSH is unquestionably the most effective method for eliminating zombies quickly. Its fast rate of fire and short fill time make it an ideal weapon for eliminating zombies. However, as it cannot be purchased with ammunition, it is not a viable choice for solitary play.

The PPSH is one of Black Ops 3’s fastest and most effective weapons. It has a rapid rate of fire and is an excellent weapon for use in groups. Its broad bullet dispersion makes it ideal for engaging many targets. It can also be modified to fire faster and more precisely, making it an excellent choice for a group.


The KN-44 is a powerful assault rifle in Black Ops 3 Chronicles maps. It boasts a high damage output for headshots and a fast rate of fire. Additionally, it reloads quickly and may be improved to have a greater rate of fire. This is one of the greatest weapons for killing zombies and racking points.

While the KN-44 is the most potent weapon available in Black Ops 3 Origins, you can also equip various other weapons. Additionally, you can upgrade your current weaponry to the KN-44. It is capable of firing 76mm shells. In Black Ops 3 Origins, it is possible to purchase and equip a new magazine.

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