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The Mysterious Numerical Code Of The Holy Book

by Nathan Zachary

All through the Good book, there is a complex, multifaceted and lucid numerical code that would have been difficult to create by human means.

One of the most renowned mathematicians of his time, Ivan Panin, tracked down encoding a Hebrew and Greek numeric worth, by which the whole text of the Book of scriptures was “fixed” so that no letter could changed without break. This code is remembered for the whole Book of scriptures – there are 33 writers in around 1500 years

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No other surviving text, for example, the fanciful books, some of which are remembered for the Catholic Book of scriptures, has gotten a comparative component. The code introduced by Panin can’t be denied. In any case, assessors have contended that quite a few words can be counted from some random book.

I suspect as much, yet no other book has a steady and redundant code going through the whole book that affirms the exactness of the scriptural text like an affirmation seal.

2 Tim. 3:16 says: All Sacred writing is propelled by God and gainful for educating, for rebuke, for revision, for preparing in exemplary nature 2 Peter says: 1:20-21 Yet first know, that No prescience of Sacred writing is a matter for its own translation, in light of the fact that no prediction was made by a demonstration of human will, however by individuals motivated by the Essence of God who addressed God.

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I ought to stretch that Panin doesn’t attempt to foresee anything with these codes. This number is certainly not a hypothesis in view of mystery, not at all like Kabbalah. No other surviving text, for example, the fanciful books, some of which are remembered for the Catholic Book of scriptures, has gotten a comparable component. Panin’s principal message is, as I would like to think, that God is the creator of the Holy book; He has utilized prophets to convey the heavenly message precisely as God has directed. The Prophet grasped the pen however the message was coordinated by God. How could it be conceivable that more than 1,600 years 33 distinct writers followed the code so that the code stayed unaltered from one book to another. For the good of God, this has just been conceivable.

Ivan Panin was brought into the world in Russia on December 12, 1855, and as a young fellow, he was a functioning skeptic who was so “shut” by the unsanitary circumstances around him that he took the demeanor that All values were useless and nothing was understandable or transferable. He evidently detested the Tsarist government such a lot of that he partook in different tricks against it and was at last constrained into political exile. From that point he moved to Germany where he went through numerous years encouraging his schooling. At the point when he left Germany he moved to the US and before long entered Harvard College.

Ivan Panin turned out to be commonly known as a distinct rationalist, so popular, as a matter of fact, that when he deserted skepticism and embraced Jesus Christ, a few papers conveyed flag titles reporting his transformation! After knowing about this wonderful development, Teacher James, hailed as the best metaphysician of his time, commented, “What a pity Mr. Panin has separated on religion. An extraordinary logician was obliterated in him.” occurred.”

What occasion made this virtuoso and virtuoso, who was solidly persuaded that the Essential Truth (“God”) was freethinker, alter his perspective? What moved her knowledge and deeply affected her of her reality that she had no real option except to have faith in Jesus Christ as her Ruler and Rescuer? The response is this: he made the logical revelation that ought to have shaken the entire world! (The way that it hasn’t done so yet and has been unobtrusively ignored by the people who ought to have been its greatest promoters is one of the extraordinary secrets of our times!)

One day in 1890, Mr. Panin was nonchalantly perusing the primary section of the Good news of John in the first Koine Greek. The first refrain says: “at the outset was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” And when he read this sentence, his interest was stimulated by the way that the positive article “the” went before “god” in the first, yet all at once not the second. Why the distinction? To dissect this evident error, he made an equal rundown of all stanzas in the New Confirmation in which “God” accompanies “the” and all without it. Then when he looked at the two records, he observed that there was a numerical connection between the two amounts. Thusly, he went through a similar cycle for “Christ” and went through numerous different words. Seeing the magnificent mathematical connections concealed underneath the outer layer of the text each time. This “opportunity” perception later ended up being an extraordinary occasion as Ivan Panin excitedly sought after the very interesting disclosure he later named “Book of scriptures Numerics”.

As these disclosures started, consistently, Dr. Panin before long understood that they were something beyond happenstance. The Book of scriptures in general contained a numerical accuracy that no human could make, and its scholarly issues with an obscure Go.d was dismissed! Jesus Christ uncovered Himself to this “picked vessel” through His Promise and, similar to the Witness Paul and others, Ivan Panin was at absolutely no point ever a similar man in the future.

From that day in 1890 until his demise on October 30, 1942, Ivan Panin in a real sense dedicated his life (more than 50 years) to completely fostering this revelation and safeguarding it for the world. Following is the portrayal of Dr. Panin in his book “Arithmetic Demonstrate Sacred writings” by Mr. Carl Sebiers. This was initially distributed in 1941, while Mr. Panin was as yet alive:

“This prominent man is a man of excellent assets in grant. He is interested and alert and has astonishing logical and analyzing skills. He is incredibly open and logical. He trusts only depends on completely noticed realities. …” This man picked an existence of thriftiness to serve his lord by counting words, letters, syllables, and Book of scriptures numbers, saving his discoveries in slick, transcribed notes, which presently yellow with age. Done, all their 40,000+ pages! Mr Panin … states that the missionaries left next to zero account about themselves, however rather magnified Christ”.

Ivan Panin found the numeral seal with which God fixed scriptural texts so that no letter in the texts could be changed without breaking the seal. The seal likewise works the other way. This can be utilized to check in the event that the copier committed an error! Ivan Panin utilized a Greek composition composed by Westcott and Hort. Among the elective translations presented by Westcott and Hort, Ivan Panin had the option to choose the one that conveyed the mathematical arrangement of the heavenly message. This modified Greek original copy, Ivan Panin with 514 pages, was distributed under the name “Numeric Greek New Confirmation” and printed by Oxford College Press. The “Numeric English New Confirmation” (read on the web) is an interpretation from the Numeric Greek New Confirmation. This is the most dependable interpretation of the New Confirmation that anyone could hope to find.

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