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The Need For An Emergency Dentist For Dental Crises

by Nathan Zachary
Emergency Dentist

Have you ever experienced a toothache so painful that it made you wake up in the middle of the night? Or ever lose a tooth after being hit by a ball? The most painful and uncomfortable experience is often tooth pain, which makes daily life much harder. Furthermore, toothache is not the only dental problem that might occur. Any incident that causes severe mouth pain, an infection, excessive bleeding, soft tissue injuries, or even a teeth/jaw fracture might be considered a dental crisis.

This blog includes all the details of dental crises make it necessary to visit an emergency dentist in Aberdeen. You may need to visit your dentist immediately if you feel any of the mentioned challenges.

Types of Dental Crises 

Dental Pain

Have you ever suffered severe dental pain? It could be one of the most hurtful things you’ve ever

experienced. Untreated decay and damaged teeth are among the most frequent causes of dental pain. If your dental pain is uncontrollable, gets worse, and affects the entire jaw, it is a dental issue that has to be treated right away.     

  • The initial step is to hastily run to the nearest pharmacy to get an over-the-counter painkiller. You might get some relief from this.
  • Furthermore, you can cover the area with ice by applying it outside.
  • Gargling with warm saltwater has also been proven to reduce pain.

Also, be aware that none of these will give you long-term comfort, so contact the best NHS dentist in Aberdeen or your private emergency dentist and book an urgent appointment before the situation worsens.

Fractured or broken tooth

Teeth can break and sometimes even fall entirely out of their socket. Both adults and children may

experience this. When the patients arrive at a bridge street dentist in Aberdeen with fractured or broken teeth, the following are the steps they follow:   

  • Find the broken or loose tooth, then place it in a milk-filled jar. You are not allowed to clean the tooth by yourself.
  • If you have any soft tissue or gum damage, carefully bite down on some cotton or a piece of fabric. Contact any Aberdeen dental hospital to schedule an urgent meeting.
  • Time is of the utmost importance in this case because if you get there immediately, your chances of getting your tooth back into its socket and saving it for loss.

Tooth Abscess:

Extreme pain due to dental abscesses can be an intolerable problem. Patients who consume hot and cold foods and liquids may have tooth sensitivity. Fever can also result from dental abscesses. If this issue is not addressed appropriately, it could progress and affect the entire jaw and neck, making breathing challenging.

Jaw injury:

Any jaw injury or trauma needs to be treated right away as a case of emergency. Here, the experts clean the wounds and fix the bone after it has been returned to its original position to avoid any long-term abnormalities.  

Dental crowns that are loosened or broken:

To restore their broken teeth’ form, size, strength, and functionality, the Aberdeen Dental Clinics treats its patients with dental crowns. If a crown becomes loose or falls off, the dentists in Aberdeen urge their patients to keep and preserve it in a container carefully. Patients are advised to avoid items with solid consistency, such as nuts or candies, and not to consume from the side where their crown was lost. Patients then dial their dentist to set up an immediate appointment. The dentist will thoroughly investigate the teeth and, if necessary, may reshape the crown. If the patient’s crown is broken, the dentist will provide a new one.

Finding an emergency dentist in Aberdeen

You might begin by contacting your regular dentist as you look for an emergency dentist. As the patient’s regular dentist is the one who knows them best and has already reviewed their medical and dental histories, as well as any record of their allergies and current insurance information, it is thought to be a significant first step. This will help the patients have a quick examination and relieve their discomfort, and receive treatment as quickly as possible, which is excellent in

an emergency.

However, not all general dentistry offices are always open to seeing patients needing emergency care. Patients who, for any reason, are unable to see their dentist in an emergency must either ask friends and relatives for suggestions or swiftly search online for an emergency dentist in Aberdeen.

Best Emergency Dental Clinic at Bridge Street:

Even though patients are aware that their dentist won’t be available 24/7, patients still have a favourable relationship with their regular dentist in cases of dental emergencies. Patients who don’t have access to their dentists during an emergency can get complete support from an emergency dentist in Aberdeen.

Patients are urged not to ignore their pain and discomfort and to call a reliable dental clinic right if they encounter any dental emergency circumstances. To get assistance in such a scenario, try bridge St Aesthetic and Dental Clinic; their emergency number is available on their website.   

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