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by Nathan Zachary

As Xiaomi announced the MIUI 12, it asked for user feedback on what they would like to see on the next-generation MIUI. Initially, the company told users it would launch MIUI 13; however, it seems that plan has changed to MIUI 12.5, according to early reports. The MIUI 12.5 features based on the stable release is expected to arrive shortly after the MIUI 12.5 closed beta group launched................................................

It tested a new power menu, a new volume control UI, a new launcher animation, a new installation of apps, a new camera interface and notification center, and improved system animation.

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With MIUI 12.5, Xiaomi changed the way the power menu is presented. A toggle is used to enable switching or rebooting the device. We expect more people to receive this feature.

The new volume rocker UI has been improved. No changes have been made, but the design has been enhanced.

During the launch, the company promised that it would improve the animation in MIUI 12. It is working on it right now and should be released to stable ROM users with MIUI 12.5 features. You’ll notYou’llsmoother animation and fewer bobbles.

Once MIUI 12.5 reaches stable ROM users, users can choose how their apps appear in recent: either horizontally or vertically................................................

The Features of MIUI 12 added many in-camera features, which made the camera app a little complicated. But with MIUI 12.5, the company plans to simplify the camera app and also add more features.

Like the weather app has gained a new UI with MIUI 12, the cleaner app has also been enhanced. It now has a new UI, and more functions have been added for better analysis.

With MIUI 12, introduced a new control panel. Among MIUI 12.5’s fea12.5’sis an enhanced control panel. It will also introduce a new notification center, similar to what is available on Android 11................................................

Xiaomi’s bXiaomi’sing on this feature for a long time now. The Mi 10 Ultra already supports what they call Mi cross-screen collaboration, which lets you control your phone from a PC.

There have been a lot of reports about the MIUI 12 animation. Xiaomi promised improvements with the next MIUI release. Now, we are looking forward to a major improvement with MIUI 12.5.

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MIUI 12 already allows users to adjust the size of the icon. However, MIUI 12.5 features may / will provide new icon sizes and additional styling options.

MIUI 12.5 enables users to convert photos into PDFs directly from the gallery app. Additionally, MIUI 12.5 lets you rename your pictures straight from the gallery app – a feature you’ve you’ve been able to access from a file manager................................................

There are still other features of MIUI 12.5, and we hope to learn more about them as the closed beta testing becomes more advanced. That being said, check back here from time to time for new MIUI 12.5 features to be added to the ones we already have.

MIUI 12.5’s ani12.5’ss are so well done that they deserve their own section. Yes, it’s inspired by iOS, but I would say it’s done successfully replicating each transition in the user interface. From the moment you unlock the phone, the fade-in animation on MIUI 12 is pleasingly smooth. Additionally, you will experience bounce effects all over the UI and Zoom effects while opening apps.

In short, MIUI 12 takes user experience a cut above Stock UI, perhaps a notch higher. You get captivating animations when you uncheck a task in the Notes app, uninstall an app, move between apps, and so on. MIUI 12 will have a range of visually-pleasing animations, changing its standing among all Android ROMs in the market.

New Floating Window
One of the most interesting MIUI 12.5 features is the Floating Window. It’s basic’s a mini-window for apps so that you can work on those next to the main window.

A floating window can be moved around the screen without any feature restrictions while at the same time making the window bigger as needed. That sounds amazing. Previously, this feature was only accessible on the Calculator app, but now you can get it on WhatsApp, Telegram, and other popular apps. You can use a Floating Window from the Recents menu and notification shade................................................

New Permission System
There will be a tiny upgrade meant in the Permission System in the new MIUI 12.5. On MIUI 12.5, Xiaomi seems to have made it harder for apps to get all-time permits. When an app asks for permission, it will present you with a detailed permission prompt that outlines all the details. For instance, permissions are not just based on ‘Storage’;’ they also show that the app can modify and delete your files with this authorization................................................

Along with MIUI 12, Xiaomi aims to roll another updated version of MIUI 12 as MIUI 12.5 to give the users better features.

So, here we have rolled out the latest MIUI 12.5 features in detail. If you are willing to get these cool features on your new Xiaomi device, it will be a long wait for it. Hope you love reading “MIUI 12 Mobile Launched by Xiaomi”

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