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The Significant Benefits Of Self-Publishing Your Book

by Nathan Zachary
The Significant Benefits Of Self-Publishing Your Book

Self-publishing is gaining more popularity among aspiring authors day by day, and so do is the case with professional book publishing services. A writer’s journey can be equated to a thrilling roller-coaster ride with many highs and lows. As a writer, you will go through stages of self-doubt and highs of joy and fulfillment. But, unlike in the past, when writers bragged about their manuscripts with fear and doubt, you can now self-publish your book easily and on your own schedule.

As a first-time author with a dream to publish your book, you must pick between two paths to publish your work. The first is the usual traditional publishing house route. The second path is to become an independent author who self-publishes their books. There will always be highs and lows in publishing, but thanks to the numerous self-publishing platforms like Amazon, the second path is quickly becoming popular among many new authors. Furthermore, many authors are turning to professional book publishing services to obtain an advantage in their publishing path. Here, a question might appear in your mind: What are the fundamental differences between traditional and self-publishing? Which one is more beneficial? Don’t worry; I will clear all your doubts regarding publishing today! So, let’s find out:

The Difference Between Traditional And Self-Publishing

Traditional publishing includes submitting and processing your work to a traditional publishing house, which then purchases the right to publish your book. The publisher is then responsible for all phases of book publishing, including editing, designing, proofreading, publishing, printing, packaging, and marketing. The publisher covers all expenses, while the author receives a modest percentage of book sales as royalties.

In contrast, while self-publishing, the writer covers most of the costs associated with the various stages of production until the book is published on a self-publishing platform. Following that, the writer remains in charge of the majority of marketing and promotion. Normally, authors nowadays hire professional book publishing services to do the job as they have experts in every domain, whether you want to edit or format your manuscript or avail of professional digital marketing services.

So, what do you think as a writer looking to publish your first book? Which publishing route is best for you? Don’t make a decision just yet; let us further discover more about the significant benefits of self-publishing. Not only this we will discuss many other factors here as well.

The Significant Benefits Of Self-Publishing Your Book

You Save A Lot Of Time

When the content of a book is time-sensitive, self-publishing is the best alternative. Traditional book publishing is the most time-consuming. Finding a literary agent, who will subsequently look for a suitable publisher for your book, takes time. This procedure can take months, if not years. So, self-publishing is the quickest way to turn your manuscript into a book and get it into the hands of your readers. However, if you employ book publishing services to publish your book across various literary platforms, all you have to do is sit back and relax because they know how to publish your book professionally while keeping every single detail in mind.

You Maintain Complete Authority Over Your Work

Self-publishing allows you to be the single decision-maker throughout the publishing process. Everything from the internal formatting to the book cover design, as well as the marketing, is all up to you. You can look for professional assistance to achieve the greatest results, but you ultimately make the final decision. So, try to be creative, do excessive research, be open to new ideas, accept professional advice, and bring your book to your readers in your own unique way. However, keep in mind that your publisher makes all of these decisions in traditional publishing, even changing your title!

You Obtain Higher Royalties From Your Book Sales

Most authors receive a small number of royalties from book sales. This is not the case for authors who self-publish. The majority of self-published authors earn a royalty of approximately 90% of their book sales. However, it might vary depending upon the platform you are publishing your book on.

Unlike traditional publishing houses, self-publishing platforms support writing as a career. You can set aside 50% of your royalties to publish your next book and design a social media marketing campaign on your own or with the help of professional book marketing services. This makes it highly lucrative for authors looking to publish their debut book.

You Retain The Rights To Set The Pricing Of Your Book

As a self-publishing author, you determine the retail price of your book. Because you are financially liable for the book’s publication, you have complete authority to modify the book’s price to match your expenses. However, you should think about and understand the different books, and pricing models. To avoid disrupting your sales, don’t underprice or overprice your book.

You Don’t Need To Worry About Rejections

Agents and publishers are flooded with manuscripts and can only choose a few good books to publish each season. Many authors’ works are abandoned, ignored, and even rejected due to traditional publishing schedules. However, the path of a self-publishing author takes precedence over the submission and selection process. It is a wonderful method for transforming manuscripts into books because you have the liberty to publish whatever you think might interest your audience without having any fear of rejection.

You Have The Liberty To Choose Your Most Relevant Target Audience

As a self-publishing author, you have the ability to target your audience specifically with every decision you make while publishing your book. All you need to do is to research and understand the significance of your book cover, blurb, category selection, and keyword selection. If you make the most of these simple strategies, you are only a few clicks away from selling your book. Moreover, if you face any challenges during the process, you can hire book publishing services to help you with paid advertising campaigns to help you target the most relevant audience for your book.

You Can Leverage The Potential Of Social media Marketing

Compared to earlier print and audiovisual promotional strategies, an innovative marketing campaign for your book on social media platforms can potentially engage more reading communities. Self-publishing allows your book to reach the right audience by utilizing simple digital marketing strategies like hashtags and search engine optimization. Moreover, if you have published your book in various digital formats like eBook and Audiobook, it can also help you reach a larger audience.

You Work On Your Own Schedule

Self-publishing is an excellent choice for a writer looking to publish their first book. It eliminates the uncertainty and fear associated with traditional publishing. Even as a new author, you can publish the right way with careful online research or by engaging book publishing services who understand the ins and outs of publishing. Moreover, it also enables you to receive your reader’s feedback and suggestions for your next book or sequel.

You Can Develop Your Own Author Brand

Self-publishing can help you in developing your own personal or professional brand. All you need to do is to discover how to align and integrate with your book. When this happens, you start to build a following and gain authority on social media. So, don’t underestimate self-publishing! It has the potential to transform your life.

You Can Grow Exponentially As An Author

The self-publishing process allows you to learn and develop bonds with other authors and professionals. The decisions you make during the various publishing stages provide useful experience for future projects. So, don’t put it off any longer; start writing your first book immediately. Also, e-books play an important role.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, I suggest self-publishing to all authors, especially new ones. Writing short stories, poetries, fiction, nonfiction, biography, autobiography, and articles and publishing them is one way to become a great writer. So, take the time to research the self-publishing industry. Practicing these things regularly will discover new ways to develop your skills and learn how to monetize and control your writing ability. You have a good chance of becoming a successful self-published author with constant effort.

Of course, there will be some obstacles along the way. In this case, you can also engage professional book publishing services to help you not only publish your book on your preferred literary platforms but also help you in becoming a bestselling self-published author.

Also, self-publishing is not as easy as it looks like, and not every book will be a blockbuster. However, with over 1300 authors make their Kindle debuts in the last ten years, and they are now earning $10,000 or more per year from writing. There is clearly a market for skilled writers. So, make your efforts to increase your chances of self-publishing success by hiring professional book publishing services of your choice and securing an established place in the literary industry.

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