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The Step-by-Step Guide To Creating Your Own Product Videos

by Nathan Zachary

Beginning production without a solid strategy is a huge mistake. This video will not cost an arm and a leg to produce, and we will not be getting into the nitty-gritty of things like setting, setting color, backdrop color, font, font size, sound effects, and budget. Before beginning production on the product video, you should have at least a general concept in mind of what the final deliverable will be. If you’re just starting out and want to learn how to build a product film, I’ll walk you through the fundamentals.

Briefly Describe Your Business And The Service You Provide.

If the video about the product can be found on a social networking site, the customer probably found it by accident. Introduce your business and its wares in the most favorable light possible.

Tips for making a killer first impression. Don’t be afraid to be personal and talk about the problems that your target audience has. Create the impression that you have thought through the issue and can help them out. Position your business and its offering as the solution to their problems.

Put Your Product’s Benefits And Features Front And Center.

Videos that do nothing except showcase the product are inferior to still images and text.

Consumers who are just now being introduced to the product have no idea of its many features, capabilities, or potential benefits. A feature-less video will not entice viewers to make a purchase.

Describe the product’s benefits and the people who would most enjoy using it. In some cases, the audience is unsure of the product’s usefulness. Provide clear answers regarding who will gain from using the product and how they will do so.

Give Some Background, Such As The Starting Price And The Price Of Any Extras.

The most effective product videos do more than simply showcase the product and its attributes. Then, they take it a step further by describing the product’s usefulness in the context of the buyer’s daily routine. Questions like “How does the product boost the customer’s happiness?” need to be addressed in the film. How does this product improve the lives of potential customers?

If a customer is watching a video about a product and they see all of the details, including the benefits, but not the price, they may feel like the film is missing something. Remember that getting the viewer to watch even a fraction of the video is secondary to getting them to watch the whole thing. If the customer goes elsewhere to check the pricing, you’ve failed.

Make sure the potential buyer knows the full price, including any extras. If a customer discovers there are hidden fees and the price of extra features wasn’t disclosed prior to making a purchase, there is a considerable probability of losing that customer permanently.

Put In A Call To Action At The End.

The entire purpose of a product video is to increase brand recognition and revenue. Only by providing a distinct CTA at the conclusion of the video can this objective be realized. Anyone who has stuck around until the “Call to Action screen has shown a genuine interest in the product being promoted. Utilize the shopper’s stated motivation (or “intent”) to move them along the purchasing funnel.

An on-screen call-to-action (CTA) text is preferable to having an actor or narrator explain to the audience what they should do. Include a clear and concise call to action that explains the next steps for the customer.

Get People To Buy Your Product Or Visit Your Website.

Include follow-up details for potential clients beside the call to action. The purpose of the product video will determine the specifics you include here. If the film is shared on Facebook, for example, the audience may require more persuasion and less diversions. So, send them to your site or product page, where you have complete command over the customer’s experience and the content displayed to them.

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