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The Things To Look At Before Hiring A UX Designer

by Nathan Zachary
Hiring A UX Designer

There has been explosive growth in internet users in India.

According to the data available in the public domain, there are more than 692 million internet users in India. And, the number is expected to reach around 900 million by 2025.

User experience (UX) designers have become as critical to projects as software developers.

UX designers do not make the product but they make it appealing to users. In other words, UX designers create the look and feel of the product, making it attractive.

Again, not all UX designers are worth hiring. And, certain attributes make good UX designers, such as:

#1. They Can Explain Complex Concepts in an Easy Format

In a development team, different members have different roles. And, some roles are highly technical.

But, the ability that separates good designers from bad ones is the ability to explain their work in simple terms–so that even a layman can understand.

Therefore, you should examine how simply a UX designer can explain his work while interacting with one.

If you find the designer explaining the work in highly technical terms, and nothing goes into your head, you should regard that designer as not a good one, and he lacks the quality element.

Communication is what matters the most. And, that is critical to UX design.

As the job of the designers is to make the product more user-friendly, and accessible to users, they will not be able to do it if they cannot explain the work in an appealing and digestible way.

Therefore, you should not fail to check how your prospective UX designer communicates. It is an important criterion.

#2. User Research Skills

The fundamental basis of a UX design is user research. Therefore, you should look at the research skills of your prospective UX designer.

You should examine how your prospective UX designer conducts interviews, surveys, and other market research.

Again, UX designers cannot fabricate personas and prototypes. If they do so, the results will be wrong.

Instead, they should do the essential research to back up their ideas. Importantly, the designers should understand what users want, why they want it, and how to incorporate the features.

#3. Empathy

Empathy is crucial for a UX designer as it helps to understand the various facets of a user. Although it is somewhat difficult to measure, you should do it, given the importance.

As a UX designer makes the look and feel of a product according to the tastes and preferences of the users, he needs to step into their shoes, and empathy is essential without being empathic.

Without the empathy element, the designer will find it difficult to figure out the tastes and preferences of users. And, that will act as a hindrance to the design process.

But, how to assess the empathy quality of your prospective UX designer? There are effective ways to do this.

You can get some valuable insights while interacting with your prospective UX designer. Also, there can be another method of making the assessment. You can ask previous clients about their experiences with your prospective UX designer.

#4. The Portfolio

For a UX designer, his portfolio speaks everything. It also helps to assess whether your prospective UX designer does what he speaks.

That means the portfolio serves as evidence of the work done by the UX designer. Also, the portfolio helps you to judge the quality of the work of the designer. So, you can figure out the values the designer can bring to your business.

You should choose a good UI UX design agency India for your project. And, the good news is that there are many excellent UI UX design companies in India.


When you hire a UX designer for your project, you should ensure that he is the right fit for your business. So, you should abstain from hiring a designer straightaway. Instead, you should look at the factors outlined in this article beforehand.

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