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The Top 5 eBook Readers

by Nathan Zachary

Critics mocked and ridiculed when futurists in the early 1990s projected that one day we will read books on computers. No one could conceive of reading a full book on those early, low-resolution monitors that caused eye strain.

They imagined individuals sitting in desk chairs and staring at a blinking cursor, as opposed to cuddling up on the couch with an iPad. Since the sceptics failed to foresee other changes that would result in a totally different User Experience (UX), they completely rejected the prediction.

Today, printed books continue to outsell e-books, but e-books have seized one-third of the book-selling market, which is rather remarkable. We once believed that no one would ever give up the physical sensation of holding a book in their hands and flipping the pages, but now one-third of the globe swipes across a virtual page.

What is the cause of this change? A portion of the issue relates to the hardware. Tablets and e-readers are lighter than ever, and their sharpness is incredible, with images that do not cause eye strain. However, the remainder of the change is dependent on the software and distinctive features that the best reader apps offer. Here is where your focus should be.

Exactly Why Any Aspiring App Founder Ought to Analyze the Top eBook Reader Apps

No of what kind of app you plan to sell, every entrepreneur should familiarize themselves with reader apps.

The finest book reading apps are a great example of how to develop a successful digital product. In what ways do they differentiate themselves from the competition? Why do users prefer these specific apps when there are so many others available?

We’ll examine the top reading apps in depth, digging into how a well-planned mobile app development strategy improves the mobile user experience and yields significant revenue.

Best Books

Here are the five most popular book apps, whose user experience (UX) is so outstanding that consumers keep returning. In addition, we have enumerated the major characteristics of reading apps for each app to highlight what is effective.

1.Google Play Books

On Android devices, Google Play Books is the best way to read eBooks. It is compatible with eBooks, comics, and audiobooks. There are roughly 130 million unique titles available for download on the Google books marketplace. Google Play Books is a free reading app that does not require a membership. Simply pay directly for every book you read, and you’re all set.

Now, it is important to highlight that Google Play Books’ success is not solely due to a well-designed user interface (UI). Google has indexed every book in its library, which gives it an advantage over its competitors. In other words, if you conduct a search for a statement from, say, physicist Richard Feynman’s autobiography, there’s a strong possibility the page will emerge as an accessible sample. If so, there is a significant probability that you will be more inclined to purchase the book through Google Play.

This may appear to be an unfair advantage, and some authors have protested that it infringes on their copyright, but Google prevailed in its Supreme Court case on the matter.

  • Built-in engine for making suggestions
  • Access to audiobooks that can be listened to anywhere
  • can look at free samples of books before buying
  • Bubble zoom brings comic book art to life. You can take notes that you can sync with Google Drive.
  • Night-light setting for reading in bed in comfort

2.Amazon Kindle

After Barnes & Noble declared that they will enter the online book selling market, a 1990 Newsweek article made fun of the fact that Amazon.com would have to alter its name to “Toast.com.” Another outrageous prognosis that later turned out to be unfounded.

The market for digital reading apps is unquestionably led by Amazon’s Kindle, a book reading app. To save all of your eBooks, you can just download the software into your smartphone or purchase a gadget made by the company. You may access more than seven million eBooks with the powerful and attractive Kindle app.

  • Memberships to Kindle Unlimited are available
  • Text page customizations are available
  • You can change the brightness and background color.
  • All Kindle books come with a dictionary that is built in.
  • Tracking how well you’re reading
  • Book syncing on different devices

3.Apple Books

Apple books is one of the best apps for reading books, but it is exclusive to iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc.). With a few taps, the app provides access to millions of eBooks and audiobooks. To get started, all you need is an Apple ID, an internet connection, and (obviously) an Apple device.

  • Integrated recommendation system
  • Can add desired books to the “Want to Read” area.
  • Customizable page colours and fonts that facilitate readability are offered.
  • Automatic night mode is available to prevent eye strain.
  • There is a family room option for up to five people.
  • Arrange books into a personal library.

4.Moon + Reader

One of the top book apps for Android is Moon+ Reader, which is only available for Android smartphones. Due to the value, it provides customers, the app was even chosen as the Editors‘ Choice for Google Play in 2018. It supports more than 20 eBook formats and thousands of books from many different genres.

  • Numerous page customizations are available
  • a day/night mode selector
  • Five auto-scroll modes are offered
  • Capability to reduce unnecessary whitespaces
  • Option to prevent eye strain “Keep your eyes healthy” Supports four screen orientations
  • Available highlight, annotation, and dictionary features


This one-of-a-kind application allows users to borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and even films from the digital collection of their local library. Overdrive is one of the top available books reading applications because it is supported by over 40,000 libraries globally. The only need for users is an active account through a supported library or institution.

  • No late fines; the book is returned automatically on the due date.
  • Create holds and wishlists to place your favourite books on hold
  • Also provides audiobooks for mobile listening.
  • Movies and television series are also offered.
  • Variable speed audiobook and video playback
  • Customizable reading experiences are offered.
  • Quick and simple navigation for enhanced customer satisfaction

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