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The Top 5 Tamil Movies of 2022 You Can Watch

by Nathan Zachary

Tamil movies have been around for a long time and have come a long way. They were even known as the “nadu movies” in 1947. And ever since, the Tamil industry has developed exponentially, thanks to the large market size and people’s interest in not just watching movies but also driving the film industry. Tamil movies are among the most popular movies in India and worldwide. They are not only entertaining but also have a message of hope.

Tamil cinema is traditionally known for its action sequences, thrillers, and comedies. Today, with the advent of 3D and other innovative techniques, Tamil movies have gained worldwide recognition. And if you are looking for a free website to download Tamil movies, please visit allmovieshub, the best free website.

Here are the top 5 Tamil movies you can watch for free.


Director Ram Kumar, whose last film was the amusing black comedy Mundasappati, delivers a chilling psychothriller with Ratsasan. All of the victims of this serial murderer have been young women attending a local high school. Vishnu Vishal, who usually stars in lighthearted comedies, shines here as a cop investigating gruesome crimes.

Scriptwriter turned wannabe filmmaker Arun Kumar (Vishnu Vishal) has penned a story about a serial murderer. But he hasn’t been able to locate a producer since the idea isn’t financially sound. His father was a police officer, and after his death in uniform, his family, notably his uncle (Ramdoss), pressured him to join the force and become a police officer and deputy police inspector in exchange for a government compensation payment.

Vikram Veda

Vedha (Vijay Sethupathi), a wanted gangster, is introduced towards the film’s 30-minute mark. He is being pursued by a team of encounter experts commanded by Vikram (R. Madhavan). After receiving a tip, the police squad gathers a significant force in preparation for an assault on Vedha’s lair. Vedha then entered the police complex, munching on a sandwich. To the police, he has come to surrender.

Both Vikram and Vedha had never met each other in person before. In contrast to Vikram, introduced subtly, Vedha is presented as a significant hero to the audience. Through their shared experience, Vikram and Vedha go on a journey that calls into question the socially constructed moral compass that helps us discriminate between good and evil.


The 2016 Tamil drama film Iraivi has received 8.1 out of 10 stars on the Internet Movie Database. Arul, Michael, Jagan, Arul’s wife, Yazhini, and Michael’s wife, Ponni, are the main characters in the film. All three men had to resort to illegal activity to deal with their unexpected financial woes, which eventually landed them in jail. Moreover, the women were compelled to have separate lives. This drama was expertly adapted for the film. As far as Tamil movies go, this is one of the greatest on Hindilinks4u.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

The epic film Baahubali 2: The Conclusion was initially made in Tamil but has now been translated into several other languages for international distribution. It’s not only a great Tamil film but a great Indian film overall. To overthrow his brother and become king of Mahismati, Bhalladev plots a conspiracy in the movie. In the end, he tells Kattappa to murder Bahubali. Katappa didn’t want to murder Baahubali, but he had no choice but to follow the king’s instructions. Later, however, Baahubali, the boy Sivagami protected, comes back to exact vengeance for his murdered father. The average rating on IMDB for this film is 8.4. This epic film is a must-see for every fan of Tamil cinema.


Tamil action-thriller movie “Mersal” came out in 2017. The film has an 8.2 rating on IMDB. In the movie, the main character, Dr. Maaran, is invited to Paris for a ceremony where he will be recognized for his work in the medical sector. However, there was a man with a similar appearance to Maaran, and when he murdered Dr. Zachaariah, the authorities wrongly arrested Maaran. This is one of the greatest Tamil movies available on HDHub4you, so don’t miss it.


Tamil is a beautiful language that has been used for centuries. It is easy to learn how to speak and even easier to learn how to read it. Tamil movies are also a part of a rich storytelling tradition, particularly in India. Filmmaking in Tamil cinema has been impressive, and movies are not just watched in Tamil but all over the world. If you enjoy watching Tamil movies, then you will enjoy the vast array of streaming services that you can use to watch Tamil movies. If you are interested in learning more about Tamil movies, please visit Downloadhub, the best free website.

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