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The Top Tourist Destinations In The USA For 5 Months

by Nathan Zachary

Sometimes picking a destination for your trip is just as crucial as picking a time to travel. Although certain locations are stunning year-round (Hawaii comes to mind), having the correct moment can improve a wonderful trip. We are aware from personal observation how disappointing it is to arrive at a place you’ve dreamed of visiting only to learn that the most important events of the year have already passed. With our recommendations for the top tourist destinations in the USA for each of the 2 years of the year, we’re here to help. Additionally, because the COVID pandemic continues to complicate our vacation plans, we’ve listed a lot of locations where you can feel secure.

1. December: Colorado

It goes without saying that Colorado has some of the top ski resorts in the nation, but this state has a lot more to offer winter sports fans. Embrace winter camping (and dog sledding) at the restored mine town of Dunton Hot Springs, where you’ll find an Old West saloon, the chance to go ice climbing, and (of course) more hot springs. Try your hand at heli-skiing (which is dropping from a helicopter rather than a ski lift) in the backcountry at Telluride. Relax in natural hot springs after your ride down the mountain in Steamboat Springs.

2. Yellowstone National Park in February

While it makes sense that this famous national park in Wyoming is mostly visited in the warmer months, if you can make it there in February, you’ll be in for a special treat as the entire area is converted into an otherworldly wintery wilderness. Animals, particularly bison with their shaggy winter coats, are considerably easier to identify in the snow, and the steam from the geysers is much more noticeable.

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3. February: Hawaii

Hawaii experiences lovely weather and agreeable temperatures all year long, with thermometers consistently remaining above 79F and below 88F. However, the months of March and April are especially pleasant for travel, as they fall in between the spring and the summer vacation seasons. Every section of the state is breathtaking, from the enormous volcanoes on the Big Island (Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Kilauea) to the Na Pali cliffs of Kauai and the beautiful beaches of Oahu. However, if you can only visit one place while you’re there, we advise going to the summit of Maui, where the landscape of the enormous caldera at the Haleakala crater is surreal.

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4. Washington, DC, April

Washington, DC, although a very old city, is always changing; even now, new museums are opening. The cherry blossom season is another compelling incentive to visit Washington, D.C. this spring. Washington D.C. has a really decent cherry blossom season as well, which normally lasts from late March to early April. However, Japan’s cherry blossom season appears to draw the majority of the world’s attention. The Tidal Basin, where more than 3,000 trees are transformed by brilliant blossoms, is the finest site to view it. Additionally, while you’re in town, you can still take the customary selfie with the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and National Mall.

5. The Mighty Five in May

You don’t know who The Mighty Five are? The five national parks that make up the state of Utah’s wild landscape are Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches. The surrounding Navajo tribe is home to the well-known Monument Valley, which you’ve probably seen on film in practically every John Wayne western and hasn’t changed at all since then. Discover enormous sandstone formations, winding slot canyons, and starry sky at all five locations, which boost the aesthetic factor.

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