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Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Labels: The Fundamentals

by Nathan Zachary
Direct Thermal Labels

Bar codes, price tags, and several other types of labels may be printed using thermal transfer printers. Heat is used in the process of printing thermal transfer labels, which includes impressing a registration mark and other information onto paper. The print head of the thermal printer is equipped with a number of resistive heating pins. These pins, when brought into contact with the paper, melt the ink into the paper.

Direct Thermal Labels printing and thermal transfer printing are the two varieties of thermal printing. In order to print pictures on a wide variety of substrates, the printing technique known as thermal transfer printing makes use of a heated ribbon. In direct thermal printing, on the other hand, there is no need for a ribbon since the image is printed directly into the material of the label.

The usage of a heat-sensitive and chemically prepared medium is required for direct thermal printing. When pushed beneath a print head, this particular medium completely loses its color, eliminating the need for ink or toner as a printing component. Because of this, direct thermal printing is far more portable and may be done at a lower cost. The use of Direct Thermal Labels comes with the potential problem of fading over time, which is not ideal for a product that is intended to last a lifetime. Nevertheless, this method works well for the generation of receipts, shipping labels, and tickets.

The printing process known as thermal transfer uses a thermal print head that is put onto a ribbon. This ribbon is then forced into the label material, which causes the ink to melt into the substance. After that, the ink really absorbs into the substance of the label, where it becomes fixed for good. Therefore, the thermal transfer printing technique and the labels that arise from it have a longer shelf life and greater durability.

When printing thermal labels, a thermal print head transfers heat to a ribbon, which causes ink on the ribbon to melt and transfer onto the material, therefore creating an image. Because the ink is absorbed, the picture ends up becoming a permanent part of the medium. This method produces images with a quality and longevity that cannot be equaled by any other on-demand printing technology now available. This sort of label may be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to product identification, asset tagging, inventory identification, and certifications such as UL and CSA.

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