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Things to keep in mind before building a home extension

by Nathan Zachary

No matter what inspires you to add on to your home, there is a lot to think about. It’s not cheap or quick to construct an addition. Therefore, before beginning this endeavor, there are a few things you should think about.

Five considerations are given here before embarking on a house addition project. To learn more about home extensions be sure to visit Supa Group.


As a first step, you should know exactly what you want your extension to accomplish. While it may be possible to increase the home’s worth by adding a new room onto the back, this will be for naught if the new room is not used to its full potential in terms of its functionality.

First, think about what your home may be like with more room, and then come up with home extensions

ideas. Evaluate the current layout of your home and how an addition could improve on it or even just make better use of the space you already have. It’s important to keep in mind that you can change the function of the existing rooms in your home by adding on to it.

Obtain Approval

It is imperative that you seek approval before doing any big improvements to your property. You should consult your municipal authorities as early as possible in the extension planning process, since their input could ultimately determine the outcome. 

Without a planning permit, councils can’t enforce building codes. It’s preferable to know these things up front rather than be let down when your dream idea turns out to be impossible.

Get an architect

An architect is essential for every project of significant size. If you plan to hire an architect, it’s in your best interest to provide them with detailed instructions for the project.

Provide an architect with as much detail as possible, both in terms of the extension’s architectural features and its intangible qualities like the mood you hope to achieve.

To have an architect on hand is helpful for any construction project. 

Get to Know Your Neighbours

Any substantial construction on your property will likely have an impact on the neighbourhood, especially on your neighbours. It’s best to let them know what you’re planned early on so they may weigh in with their thoughts and concerns.

Having an open dialogue with your neighbours at the outset can prevent any future friction. If you and the builders can’t agree on how the construction will affect you and your neighbour, you may have a dispute on your hands.

Obtain a Number of Estimates 

It’s not just about saving money that you may benefit from gathering and comparing various quotations. This will provide you a glimpse into the builders’ processes and mindsets, allowing you to evaluate their dependability and the quality of the materials they plan to utilize in your home addition.

Remember that the construction crew will be staying at your house for quite some time, so it’s important to get along well with them. Finding the greatest price is important, but don’t skimp so much that your builders show up late or don’t believe in your vision for the addition that you end up spending more.

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