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Things To Know About Land Surveying Services in Calgary

by Nathan Zachary

Land surveying is an essential component of any construction related or activity being taken up on a piece of land.

What makes it even more imperative is the fact that it is legally required by a municipality and also assists in various decisions related to the land and redevelopment of the land too.

To ensure that there is a right land surveyor working on the land, there are certain things to be known about land surveying and how it essentially works.

1. A land survey is essential even without a transaction
It doesn’t matter if the land is being sold or bought. Even if there is no transaction involved, land surveying is an essential component to maintain the land in the right manner and avoid any legal implications.

Not only are land surveys required legally, but it is something that construction companies refer to when they are redeveloping a parcel of land.

2. Land surveying services can get complex
Land surveying services in Calgary aren’t a plain and simple job at all. There are a lot of elements working together in tandem with one another to deliver the final result.

Residential land surveyors in Calgary need to study the site and conduct research around it to finalise the final surveying plan. This process coupled with field visits and technical equipment is usually a very complex practice and can take up to several weeks to be completed.

3. Surveyors have a 5-10 year liability towards a survey they conduct
Yes, that’s true. Being a consumer one should be aware of this. Before beginning with the project this shall be discussed with the onboarded residential surveyor too.

In case any discrepancy occurs due to the land survey conducted by the surveyor in Calgary, they are liable for the costs and the errors that occurred due to the same.

4. There are different types of land surveys
A land survey is a generic or umbrella term used by the general audience and consumers.

However, what’s to be noted here is the fact that land surveys are actually different from one another. There are six common types of land surveys that are conducted from one property to another, depending on the final requirements.

5. They work as per evidence and records
Land surveyors work as per evidence and records. In order to examine a parcel of land and set markers around its boundaries, residential surveyors in Calgary refer to physical evidence and records available to them.

It does not matter and is illegal to influence a land surveyor to tweak the records for one’s own benefits or interests.

Getting the Right Residential Land Surveyors in Calgary
Finding the right residential land surveyors in Calgary? It can be a task at times.

With so many Calgary land surveyors out there, selecting the right one can be a task. However, when it comes to choosing one depends on the requirements, the overall project and a lot of other factors.

One such residential land surveyor in Calgary that checks all the boxes is Core Geomatics. The Core Geomatics is a land survey and geomatics firm with various branches across major cities of Alberta and Vancouver too. The team at Core aims to provide the right quality of services along a wide set of requirements.

Visit the Core Geomatics website today to know more about them.

For more information about Land Surveying Services Calgary and Real Property Report Please visit : CORE Geomatics.

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