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Things to take care during Living room and Nursery decoration

by Nathan Zachary
Canvas Direct

Living room decoration

The decor of the living room is a responsible occupation, since this is the main room in a residential building, and everything here must be impeccable. To decorate the living room with dot-painting in terms of comfort, functionality and good taste, consider the whole style of the house.

Classic style

 The decor of the room in this style should not “cheapen” the situation. Carpets, tapestries, paintings, portraits in a massive frame, and mirrors are used to decorate the living room.


 The style is popular because it can be used in small spaces. The living room needs to add presentability, but at the same time preserve all its little things. An eclectic space can easily combine many details taken from different styles. Depending on the chosen decor, the living room can become a place to relax, turn into a flower oasis, etc. This style suggests the presence in the room of decorative elements that are made by one’s own hands, these inconspicuous and simple details help to make the atmosphere of the living room cozy and truly homely.

Country and Province

 These are the so-called “rustic” styles, and based on their name, it is necessary to select the design for the living room. Following the advice of Canvas Direct, A lot of small elements will look appropriate here. A variety of textures and colors are welcome. Use painted wall plates of different sizes, ceramic vases with flowers, coarse textile tablecloths, etc. to decorate the living room. It is in the style of Provence and country that it is not forbidden to put on public display various trinkets that are donated by children, cute photos with animals. Use these ample opportunities to decorate and create an attractive, family living room interior.


In this case, you will not have to spend a lot of money on decorating the room. Things left over from parents are perfect. You can use a variety of items and decor elements from old houses: pillows, furniture, posters, all this will perfectly fit into the retro living room interior.

Decorating a nursery

The difficulty of creating decor for a children’s room is that the child grows up and his interests are constantly changing. But, at the same time, changing the decor of a children’s room is quite simple, even if you do not carry out redevelopment and repairs in the room.

Proper distribution of space

In the children’s room there should be clearly marked areas for recreation, development and outdoor games. This distribution allows the child to develop harmoniously. Over time, when the child grows up, the play area can be easily converted into a work area.

Stickers for walls and furniture

Such decor can be created together with the baby, especially if the child is small. At preschool age, children love stickers with images of fairy tale characters, cartoon characters and comics. For a student, stickers with geographical names, maps, numbers are suitable. Even in the bedroom of teenagers you can see stickers corresponding to his age, these are youth musical and film idols.

Ceiling decorations

Canvas Direct advises you to make the child feel comfortable and fall asleep with pleasure; you can put a night light in the room and paintings such as dot-painting, but even better – paste over the ceiling with stars that glow in the dark. It’s so nice to fall asleep, admiring the starry sky.

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