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How do you know exactly what your employees are working on with employee time-tracking software?

by Uneeb Khan
Time Tracking Software for Employees

Time-tracking software for employees can help you and your team keeps organized and prioritize projects, tasks, and campaigns. It’s important to know how much time your team is spending on individual tasks because it can determine how much money you’re spending on payroll and benefits.

Time-tracking software for employees is much more than a simple to-do list and project management tool. This type of software can lead to greater collaboration, efficiency, and transparency – all of which will benefit your team in the long run.

Time-tracking software can be a great benefit to your business, but it can also be intimidating to determine which time-tracking software is right for your company.

Time-tracking software can help your business grow. Here are 14 of the best time-tracking software for employees.

1. DeskTrack

DeskTrack is extremely easy to use for not only employees but for companies as well. They provide the best time tracking software for employees that we have ever seen. DesktTrack’s Automatic time tracking software has made it so that we can efficiently track time without having to put in too much effort and don’t worry about getting a fine from the government because we did not keep accurate track of our hours worked. DeskTrack is definitely one of our favorite time-tracking software programs because its interface is easy to understand and they make it easy for you to track your employee or own work hours and wages.

If you find your employees taking an hour’s break every day, you’ll want the ability to track their activities while they’re logged in. DeskTrack’s tracking software will do just that however, it currently only supports a handful of time trackers. Fortunately, DeskTrack’s team is planning on rolling out a new feature soon called Time Logs which will support a variety of other time-tracking apps, All things considered, DeskTrack has everything it needs to be a great employee time-tracking solution for small businesses.

2. Toggl

Toggl is a handy tool for employees and employers, one that we’re happy to use to track our own time. It’s free to download, it’s easy to use, it’s effective, and best of all, it’s accessible via your browser or via mobile apps on iOS and Android. Use Toggl wisely (and, preferably, as guided by an experienced manager), and you’ll be tracking time with ease.

Whether you’re working in a large company or on your own, time-tracking software can be a useful addition to your business. It can help you see where your time goes and what aspects of your job take up the most of it. It’s well worth the investment for small businesses, creatives, and individuals in any field.

3. Sapper

If you’re a small business owner and you’re looking for time-tracking software, then Sapper’s time-tracking software may be right up your alley. It’s easy to use, it has plenty of features, and it can help make your business run more efficiently. It’s free to try out, so if you’re in need of a time-tracking system, be sure to check it out.

4. RescueTime

RescueTime provides a number of key features that can help businesses and individual users gain more insight into how they spend their time online. A whole host of reports are available, as well as different settings to customize the tracking experience. RescueTime also has some useful integrations, such as a Chrome extension that can automatically track website visits when you’re surfing online. If you’re looking for more insights into your own digital activity habits, RescueTime can be a worthwhile option.

5. Time Doctor

Time Doctor’s software is great for any business that wants to keep track of its employees’ time, from recruiting to payroll and even marketing. It’s versatile, efficient, and affordable. Whether you want to save money or find a way to increase productivity, Time Doctor software has it all.

6. TimeSolv

If your employees are working, they’re going to be productive. Time-tracking software makes it easier than ever to see which employees are on task and which ones might need a little guidance. If they don’t know how to use the software, don’t worry – TimeSolv’s online platform makes tracking time a breeze!

7. ProofHub

If you’re looking for a way to keep your projects on track and improve the internal communication between your employees, then you might want to consider implementing ProofHub’s time-tracking software into your business operations. By showing your employees how they’re spending their time, you can help them optimize their performance and keep productivity levels up. As long as everyone is working in the best way possible, you’ll be able to increase your productivity at the same time.

8. Timecamp

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense employee time-tracking solution, I recommend Timecamp. It’s a very robust time-tracking software that you can use with all kinds of clients, both on-site and remotely. The reporting features are great for managers, and the auto-scheduling is perfect for freelancers who have to meet deadlines.

9. Paymo

If you are unsure whether a time tracking software is right for your company, having done your research or not. You should read this article to see whether pay mo can help your company make more money manage your staff better as well as spend less on overtime.
If an employee can monitor their time and activity through a web-based application and managers have access to a world of information, this can obviously be very beneficial for both parties. But the question is, how can Paymo do the best job of keeping both sides happy?

10. Everhour

We know that every company is different and that the needs are always changing, so we will do our best to provide you with tools to make the experience optimal. If you tell us what you need, and how things can be improved, we will continue doing it, because we want your business for a long time. We are grateful for all your constructive criticism and suggestions that help us improve the software on a regular basis. So, in return, please let us know.

11. Hubstaff

Hubstaff offers a comprehensive time-tracking system that captures screenshots, activity levels, and keystrokes in real-time. It’s time-tracking software created specifically for remote teams. It allows you to track time at work, out of work, or just track the time you spend on a project – all in one website. It logs days, weeks, hours worked per day, and break times per day. Hubstaff’s auto-scheduling feature can take your hourly employees from unproductive to productive with ease! Hubstaff’s predictive analytics allow you to predict future costs and savings so that you can get ahead of your company’s growth curve. It speeds up accurate payroll management and keeps payroll managers happy because they don’t need to catch up on hours when they use Hubstaff’s time-tracking software as their employee monitoring tool. Its data-driven insights allow you to make smart business decisions using historical data.

12. Wrike

Wrike is a time-tracking tool for efficiency-focused team management, helping you get quick answers about what happened, when, and why during every project. It is an advanced project management tool that improves workflows to streamline communication and keep projects on track with automated alerts, notifications, and reports.

13. Harvest

Harvest time tracking software for employees seems to have turned out to be a good solution. Many users find it to be an easy-to-use and quick-install application, provided they make the correct choice of the package that suits their needs. Wouldn’t it be simpler if you could just let your employees know they should be using Harvest and they would just do it without any further encouragement? That’s where a well-placed sticky note in the break room comes in.

14. EMPMonitor

Paid time off tracking is a must-have for managers who want to determine quickly and easily who is eligible for benefits. Time off tracking software monitors an employee’s time off record and automatically displays the most up-to-date information on a calendar view or chart. The legal department will also require proof of the unbiased recording of hours worked by employees. Having this information readily available ensures accurate reports based on time off, sick time, and vacation time for tax purposes, work history for state laws, and a multitude of other reasons.


If you want to ensure that your employees are working, or just want to see how much time they spend on each task, look no further than time tracking software for employees. Designed with employers in mind, time tracking software lets you easily keep track of your worker’s time while they’re on the clock. Then, as they go through their day, any time spent on projects—along with the worker’s name and the project title—will be logged so that you can review it.

Takeaway: The above-mentioned time-tracking software options can help you track the employees and make sure that you are running a smooth business operation.

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