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Tips For Buying The Best Phits Insoles For Better Foot Health

by Nathan Zachary

If your job needs you to stand on your feet for hours at a stretch and if you feel pain or a throbbing ache at the soles and ankles after a long day, your feet need care and they need it now. Bad posture and constant pressure at the ankles could lead to several issues later on that including plantar fasciitis and overpronation. However, Phits insoles not only do get a greater level of comfort but also can prevent such issues from occurring later on. Irrespective of whether you have any discomfort in your foot at present or not, Phits insoles can be a huge help in the long run. That being said here are certain tips that you need to remember while buying insoles.

  • Wear The Right Shoes: Many of us tend to postpone buying a new pair of shoes until the last moment. Unlike your clothes, a scratch or signs of wear and tear on your footwear might go unnoticed, and finally when it does, often the damage is already done. Phits insoles can only help you when you have taken all the other necessary precautions for perfect foot health and a strong and comfortable pair of shoe rank at the very top of that list. Heels and stilettos are a great fashion statement but they are not so good for your legs and feet. So before buying your pair of Phits insoles, get yourself good quality running shoes or sneakers for the insoles to work better.
  • Remove The Insert: Most shoes come with inserts or a thin layer of material. Before placing your phits insoles, remove this insert for maximum comfort and benefit. Otherwise, the fit can get tighter and cause even more damage. Comfort is the key. So pro tip– position the phits insoles directly at the bottom of the shoe without any other cover under it. 
  • Consult A Doctor: If you are feeling pain and discomfort in your feet, rather than researching on the internet, see a doctor. Your physician will know best how to treat your problem. Phits insoles work even better when you follow your doctor’s instructions to the ‘T’. 3-D Phits insoles are designed with utmost care and through medically founded procedures which makes them a great choice for foot-related issues but nothing can compensate for proper professional help in such situations.
  • The Perfect Fit: Since Phits insoles are made to size, you should check for the perfect fit. Those with flat feet might require a more arched insole while those with high arches might need a softer alternative. Similarly, if you have any other foot-related condition, it is a smart choice to make your requirements specific while purchasing Phits insoles.

3-D Insoles Make All The Difference: 3-D insoles can create a huge difference. They take precise measurements of your foot, ensuring the fit’s accuracy and allowing you to personalize your product. With the introduction of 3-D printing, orthotics are on a different level now and Phits insoles are the perfect examples. Rather than choosing the other options currently available in the market, 3-D printed insoles are way more comfortable and your shoes’ functionality improves greatly. For more info contact JE Care & Consultants.

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