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Tips for Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

by Nathan Zachary

Code Guru is a very smart company because they know very well that social media management is a force to be reckoned with, and in order to distinguish you from traditional institutions and companies, they manage your social media accounts in a very professional and light way, where social media contributes to forming customer loyalty, understanding their concerns and fears, collecting their observations and monitoring their reactions.

Code Guru created unique content for our cosmetics account, showing our products and services a professional appearance, and earning the trust of our customers.

Code Guru offered us the following services:

  • Fully managed our accounts on the following platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram 
  • Posted on social media on a daily basis to ensure access to the largest number of followers.
  • Published the posts manually without linking accounts to each other automatically, to ensure that posts and their images appear correctly.
  • Designed the covers of our social media pages and social channels in a professional and attractive manner
  • Prepared designs for our institution in an innovative and creative way, and uploaded the appropriate images with relevant and SEO-friendly captions. 
  • Monitored requests from followers on social media.
  • Conducted an electronic opinion poll through stories. 
  • Issued a monthly report showing the mechanism of the institution’s work in managing accounts.

It is very important to know how to monitor social media channels well, as they are one of the main tools for interacting with your audience, that’s why we have fully trusted Code Guru in this matter. 

Because of the way they managed our social media platforms and the way they communicated with us, more people got to know our business better. For examples they promoted our products or services through images, texts and even videos.

They also created other type of content which is not related to our products 100% to avoid people get bored from our pages, they create engaging visuals like guess the product, giveaways, poll questions, this or that, tips and tricks. 

We are very grateful for working with Code Guru Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai, we highly recommend you! If are struggling with managing your social media platforms, the only way to fix your problem is by contacting Code Guru team, they will help you find exactly what your social media accounts need and work on this point to make you shine.

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