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Tips to Choosing a Medicare Plan for Your Parents

by Nathan Zachary

For many, their first time experiencing Medicare is by helping their senior parents navigate
coverage. As your parents grow old, their health becomes a priority. So, it’s essential to talk to
parents, especially those that are 65 years and older, about their medical needs and the
available coverage options.

Medicare is a government-insured health insurance with over 63 million Americans enrolled.
The number keeps growing because more citizens reach the required age and qualify for care.
This is the best plan for your parents!

But, do you know how to apply for Medicare? The truth is that; Medicare can be very confusing
at first. For a first-timer, you’ll be swamped with much information, trying to find an effortless and

quick approach. It’s easy to give up, but the thought of your parents’ health will keep you
pushing on. Fortunately, you can navigate the tedious processes with help.
There are excellent methods to save you time and frustration. Check out the tips below to help
you choose an ideal Medicare plan for your parents in Florida and beyond.

When Should You Apply For The Medicare Plans?

The Medicare enrollment period is annual, from October 15 through December 7. When you
succeed with the timely application, the coverage often begins on January 1 of the year that

Generally, it’s advisable to help your parents sign up for the best Medicare plans when they’re
first eligible. Eligibility starts immediately after your parents turn 65 years old, and enrolling on
time helps you to avoid late penalties or coverage gaps.

Usually, Medicare eligibility starts three months before the 65th birthday and ends 3 months
after turning 65. If your parents work in the government and are getting Social Security benefits,
there’s no need to apply for Medicare insurance.

Automatically, they’ll be enrolled in Medicare Plan Parts A and Part B when they turn 65. But,
there’s an option of rejecting it. You’ll need to do research and also talk to experts whether
turning down the coverage is a wise thing to do. Ensure you also share with your parents the
wisest thing to do. Usually, they get the Medicare card three months before turning 65.

So, what do you need for the application process? Signing up for Medicare insurance for your
parents will require proof of eligibility. As a Florida citizen, getting medicare Florida is effortless
and reliable, but you will need to produce original documents of your;
● Age
● Citizenship
● Income history
● Military service
If you can’t find any of these documents, the experts will help you apply for new copies. With
your parents’ Social Security, getting any necessary documents is easy. Still, if your parents
don’t have a Social Security number, the Medicare advisors will help you apply for one
immediately. So, let’s go ahead and choose Florida Medicare advantage plans.

● Check the Cost for the Best Medicare Plans
According to a study, seniors pay more than they should in different Medicare plans. This has
become a problem; many keep delaying payments because they can no longer afford them.
You need to help your parents when enrolling for the best Medicare plans.
Undeniably, Medicare is highly beneficial for the health of people over 65 years. However, the
different plans are complicated and hard to understand, especially for the elderly. Even if you
understand a desirable plan, there are dozens of options.

Should you get Medicare Advantage plans covering medical and drug costs in Florida? Or, are
you better off with just the Medicare Part D plan? While several factors help you make a wise
decision, your budget tops the list.

Compare the total costs of desired Medicare plans. You then calculate what you should spend
from your pockets to pay for the rates, deductibles and additional charges. Some plans allow
payment using the beneficiary’s insurance or deductibles.

Most importantly, don’t rush for the cheapest plan. It’s crucial to evaluate the current treatments
for your parents and determine their costs on different plans. Besides, most plans feature
annual deductibles that help settle the charges.

● Identify the Benefits of Medicare

The healthcare needs of every senior are unique. Some may require extra prescription drug
coverage to stay healthy, while others only need a few treatments, yet consider dental coverage

Additionally, it’s essential to look into the benefits of supplements or the best Medicare
advantage plans. Decide which is downright necessary, and which is not. You can do this by
going through the benefits and drawbacks of each.

For a senior, Medicare benefits on vision, prescription drug, dental and hearing coverage are
indispensable. Following a government press release in 2020, Medicare Advantage plans in
Florida provide the following:

● Caregiver support
● Therapeutic massage
● Home-based support
● Palliative care.

● Select Doctor and Hospital Choice

It’s essential to know about the treatment processes for your specific Medicare plan. So, when
choosing Medicare in Florida or elsewhere, ask the provider the following questions;
● How can I see the doctor I want?
● Do I need to get a referral for a specialist?
● Can I visit any hospital I want?
● Do I pay reduced out-of-pocket costs for some doctors or hospitals?
By clarifying the above questions from your provider, you’ll be better positioned to decide what
Medicare plan your parents need. You don’t want them suffering to see a doctor or accessing
the nearest hospital for treatment anytime they need it.

● Go For Convenience
Usually, some Medicare plans require the beneficiary to change to a new in-network doctor.
Nonetheless, there are specific details you need to consider;
● What’s the location of the doctors?
● Do they accept new patients?
● Does the plan cover your parents when they live extensively outside Florida?
Several Medicare Advantage Plans only provide coverage for particular areas, which tends to
be very minimal. Thus, it would be best to opt out of a Part C Plan if your parents travel a lot.
● Prioritize On Quality and Performance
Typically, the main difference in Medicare insurance lies in the quality and performance of
doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers. Florida Medicare Advantage plans use a five-star
a rating system
that helps rate quality to meet the beneficiary’s needs and budget.
The primary role of a rating system is to enable quality patient care and satisfaction. Thus,
before deciding, look at the star rating of your preferred Medicare plans.

Health care is among the leading expenses necessary for retirement plans. With Medicare, your
parents have plenty of options, and the prices vary from hundreds to thousands annually. Still,
your parents need to know how to apply for Medicare.
While you’re the first person they can come to, navigating through the above tips is not a walk in
the park. It would be best to involve experienced and reliable professionals like the expert in
Medicare Florida.

Consequently, you’ll find all the answers to crucial questions, and get insights into some
confidential information, especially on costs. This way, you’ll effortlessly make the best Medicare
plan decision to care for your parents’ treatments all through!

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