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Tips to Cut Cost at the Last Minute for Your Office Holiday Party

by Nathan Zachary

Are you frantically trying to come up with festive ways to decorate on a budget cost because your office’s holiday party is quickly approaching? The year is almost over, and department budgets are practically blown. This will be many teams’ first substantial celebration since 2019, so organizers want to make it special. But a lot of companies are cutting costs and looking for other ways to save. Tikkas and Takkos team is here to share some office holiday party and decorating tips that can help you save some (or a lot) of money without looking cheap.

Obtain Decor

Face it, you only need these things once a year, and after the party is over, you probably won’t have anywhere to store what you bought. Therefore, it only makes sense to bring items from your home or borrow from a talented decorator. When it comes to holiday decorating, don’t concentrate solely on the tree. Limit the size to no more than 6 feet because they are heavy, large, and difficult to move. However, if your Facebook feed resembles ours in any way and you want to buy one, you can probably find a used one for a reasonable price on websites like FB Marketplace.

Evergreen garlands, nutcrackers, bowls and vases filled with silver and gold balls, gingerbread houses, and decorative candles are additional items to take into consideration for decking the halls. Remember that everyone celebrates the holidays differently, so keep your decorations festive but secular so that everyone can enjoy them.

Low-cost floral arrangements

We adore new blooms! Whether used as serving table decorations or as table centerpieces, they are the ideal accent. However, fresh floral bouquets are EXPENSIVE. Cost-prohibitive is often the case. You are not, however, required to go without. If you happen to live close to Trader Joe’s, that is our preferred location to purchase fresh flowers. They always have a wide variety, and their costs are reasonable.

Not a skilled florist? Not to worry! Making lovely arrangements doesn’t require being a creative person. You can find a ton of helpful YouTube videos online. Or you can keep it simple by using just one kind of flower per vase and grouping them together.

Speaking of vases, places like Michael’s carry a lot of them and frequently have fantastic sales. You only need a few floral arrangements to dress up a room, so keep that in mind. Instead, choose vases of various heights filled with a variety of flowers and group them together to make a statement.

Alternative Gifts for Employees

The cost of buying gifts for the entire team can add up quickly. And let’s face it, it’s difficult to find a gift that appeals to everyone. What can you give your team that they will like without spending a fortune? Over the holiday season, think about taking one or two paid days off. Since many businesses slow down in the final weeks of the year, your staff members will appreciate not having to take a personal day to spend time with their families (or watch their kids who are off school.)

If you’re concerned that your office won’t have enough staff, assign people to specific days and stagger them over a few days or weeks so that you still have coverage and they still get paid time off. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness, and you’ll give them something they can use. So keep those days in mind as well. The first day or two after New Year’s are still relatively quiet as people gradually return to the internet.


Alcohol is one of the biggest outlays for any gathering. Additionally, when event organizers try to save money, it frequently results in a reduction in quality and, frequently, the absence of a participant’s preferred beverage. Greygoose and soda is superior to Stoli and soda. Additionally, a house Chablis will never outperform a full-bodied Cabernet in a taste test.

  • When designing your bar, keep these cost-cutting options in mind:
  • Have your celebration during the day and only serve champagne to celebrate.
  • Host a more upscale bar and limit each guest to two drink tickets.
  • Provide the bar with all the necessary ingredients and mixers and ask guests to bring one bottle of their preferred alcoholic beverage.

After all, it is a work event, so nobody should be coming to overindulge.

Contest for dessert

Want to add some excitement to your event and bring out the participants’ competitive nature? Then think about holding a holiday dessert/cookie bakeoff. The majority of people bake their family’s favorite recipe every season, so it’s simple to add another pie or another dozen cookies to the mix. In this manner, your dessert table will be brimming with delectable homemade treats, and you’ll have included an entertaining activity for everyone to enjoy. The cost of the ingredients for the bake-off should be taken into account. You simply need to decide who will serve as your judges and who will win. What is awarded to the winner? A complimentary floral display, wink wink. The holiday season is a time to spend with loved ones, friends, and coworkers. And it’s not always necessary to spend a fortune to do it stylishly. So, with these easy money-saving suggestions, enjoy the season and your team.

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