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Tips to Get Custody Back from Grandparents

by Nathan Zachary
Tips to Get Custody Back from Grandparents

Child custody can be overwhelming. When parents are stripped of child custody, it is heartbreaking. Children are frequently returned to their parent’s custody after being put with grandparents when their parents are unable to care for them properly. This may occur when the parents are unstable and give the grandparents temporary care of the child. Thanks to the internet’s extensive informational resources, tips to get custody back from grandparents are just on the palm of your hands.

Here are some of the most useful tips to get custody back from grandparents.

Tips to Get Custody Back from Grandparents

Demonstrating Changes in Circumstances that would Benefit the Child

The important thing is to connect the significant shift to the child’s interests, not the parent’s. It is important to demonstrate how the significant change affects children’s physical and mental health. A child custody agreement cannot be changed based only on the claim that the child is much better off with the parent.

The burden of proof is with the parent who wants to change the custody agreement and overturn it; they are the ones who must convince the court that enough things have changed to warrant changing the agreement and going against the original ruling. This step may address why a grandparent was given custody in the first place.

It is wise to remember that a parent can lose custody to a grandparent in two different situations: if they are deemed unfit or if they give up their sole parental authority.

Reversing or Terminating Guardianship

Guardianship agreements may be overturned or withdrawn under specific circumstances. A court application to have the guardianship revoked may be made by the child, the guardian, or any other party. Guardianship arrangements can only be revoked by the court, which also has the authority to do so. Only in cases when doing so is in the child’s best interests would the court overturn the agreement.

An application to the court may be made by a third party, such as the parent, to consider reversing guardianship. This usually occurs when the guardian may be unable to meet the child’s caregiving needs. Common justifications for the court to grant the reversal of guardianship include neglect and abuse.

In most cases, grandparents may experience illnesses or other problems, that make it difficult for them to take care of a child. The courts have the authority to take the child out of the grandparents’ custody in situations like these.

You can also make a motion to terminate the guardianship. While specifications vary by state, you must provide all relevant case material from the ongoing guardianship proceeding, including complete biographical details of you, the ward, and the ward’s parents as well as a full disclosure of the ward’s property and financial holdings. A copy of the earlier guardianship order should be included.

Have an Amicable Discussion with the Grandparents Before Getting into Legal Proceedings

Without a lawyer, parents can frequently be successful in getting custody back from grandparents. Parents can speak with the grandparents personally and try to reach an amicable agreement on custody by sitting down as a family.  Families can also think about mediation, in which a neutral third party will listen to the challenges and worries of both the parents and the grandparents before making an effort to amicably resolve any differences.

This can be accomplished without the help of expert family lawyers. However, if an understanding cannot be established, parents may require legal assistance to regain custody from grandparents.

You might not even require the involvement of child custody attorneys. This is particularly true if the grandparents don’t object to you regaining custody. However, it could be wise for both you and the grandparents to meet with a family law attorney.

They can give you the necessary documents to submit a petition for custody modification. They can also assist you in clarifying your story for the judge. This is due to the fact that you will still need to appear before a court. The judge must still determine if giving you back custody from a grandparent is in the child’s best interests.

Request for A Child Custody Assessment

When a judge appoints a third party to assess you, it is known as a child custody evaluation. Typically, the third party is a professional in mental health. They will provide a recommendation to the court following the assessment. Making sure the child’s needs are being addressed is the goal of the evaluation.

In the evaluation of child custody, they will interview the parents, the kids, and the grandparents. In the entire process, parents and grandparents will be evaluated based on their interaction with the kids.

For further clarification, the third party will also interview other close relatives and friends; carry out psychological testing; and check the parents’ and grandparents’ prior court records. This indicates that your life is set up to serve the interests of your child.

When trying to regain custody from a grandparent, passing the examination is crucial. They will submit a recommendation to the judge following the assessment.

Create a Contingency Plan for Custody

Many judges plan ahead. They are aware that someday, someone will try to figure out a way to regain custody from a grandparent. Your loss of custody to a grandparent most likely had a purpose. Make sure nothing is dependent on getting custody of a child back from a grandparent.

For instance, if you lose custody to a grandparent due to their drug use. A judge will require you to finish a drug rehabilitation program. Finishing the recovery programme is a requirement for you to receive custody back. Therefore, be sure to finish any contingencies if there are any.


Grandparents often serve as role models for their grandchildren. However, custody of children is a huge responsibility that might not always be pleasant for some grandparents, especially if they are ill or financially incapable. We hope our tips for getting custody back from grandparents will help you get your child’s custody back in no time.

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