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Top 10 Hellonext Alternatives to collect and manage Feedback from Users

by Nathan Zachary
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According to PwC, about three in five Americans will walk away from a cherished brand following a string of negative experiences.

Instead of losing customers to hemorrhaging rather than wasting their money, you can make use of Hellonext to collect user feedback on your services and products. Feedback from customers will give you precise information that you can utilize to enhance your offerings and customer experience to please customers, draw in, and keep customers.

If you’ve tried Hellonext but it wasn’t not a great match for your business do not fret. Continue reading to learn about 10 Hellonext alternatives that are great alternatives. Some are completely free.

What to look out for when you look at the Hellonext Competitor

Hellonext is a highly-rated user feedback tool that’s simple to use and is suitable for small businesses as well as large companies. In addition to collecting feedback from users and feedback, the platform also provides plans for providing customers with regular updates on the actions you take in response to their feedback. Also, it has an update log that lists the latest features.

Because Hellonext has a range of plans for pricing, both monthly and annually and plans, you can pick one that fits your budget. The most effective Hellonext alternatives are able to provide the same services but they are a bit more expensive and others are more expensive. Select the most suitable Hellonext alternatives for your company by searching for one that is compatible with your budget and needs without compromising the following attributes:

  • The features that you require in one location:To make it easy to manage feedback from users, look for an online feedback portal, a public roadmaps and announcements capabilities on one system.
  • Risk-free An excellent Hellonext competitor will provide at least a 14 day free trial. In addition, they’ll provide an unlimited free trial that lets you try it without limitations on time.
  • User-friendliness The most effective user feedback platforms feature an easy-to-understand user interfaces that allow for easy use and navigation of the application.
  • Speed User feedback tool must be quick and light to prevent interfering on the speed of performance for your website or application.
  • Security User feedback that is of high quality platforms are equipped with security features that ensure the security of your data as well as your customers.
  • customer support Beware of Hellonext alternatives that don’t provide solid customer support through your preferred channels of communication.

What Hellonext alternatives are for free?

We’ve already mentioned that certain Hellonext rivals are less expensive, and others are priced higher. If you’re looking for one which is completely gratis, Saasfe is among your top choices.

Saasfe provides a lifetime free plan that provides access to a variety of customer feedback and tools which most platforms provide for the cost of a premium. If your business grows beyond Saasfe’s freemium plan and you want to upgrade, you can do so to one of Saasfe’s budget-friendly plans.

The top Hellonext Alternatives

Here are the most powerful Hellonext competitors:

1. Saasfe

Saasfe is an effective customer feedback system that is used by a variety of SaaS and e-commerce firms. While it comes with a variety of options, Saasfe is easy to use. Saasfe user-friendliness means that you do not require any specific skills to gather information, prioritize, or respond to user feedback.

Additionally, unlike other tools for user feedback there is no need to purchase a subscription to access Saasfe more advanced features. For instance, you’ll be able to have unlimited team members as well as monitored users when you use Saasfe for no cost. Plus is that with Saasfe customers, your customers are able to submit ideas for feature enhancements and upvote suggestions from other users giving you new methods to improve your services and products.


  • Ideas, announcements, as well as roadmap widgets
  • Changelog
  • Idea upvoting and comments
  • Multiple languages
  • Custom domain
  • Automatically sent notifications


The Saasfe lifetime plan, which is free for life, is great for small and new businesses that have low traffic on their websites. If you experience a lot of traffic and require more than 20 portals for ideas You can choose Saasfe’s $49 or $19 per month plan. Plus, because Saasfe does not offer locks-in agreements, you can easily upgrade or downgrade plans at any point.

2. Rapidr

With Rapidr you will get insights into what features that your customers want and then implement the features they want. Rapidr accomplishes this through tools that collect complaints about your products and ideas from your customers. You can then utilize Rapidr’s roadmap as well as custom email messages to inform customers on your progress in taking their suggestions into consideration.


  • Bug tracking
  • Changelog
  • Embeddable widgets
  • Updates on status
  • Brand customisation


The $19 Basic plan from Rapidr is ideal for companies that have less than 100 users. If you plan to have more users and would like to add features such as custom domains private boards, private domains, and Slack integration, you’ll require an $49 plan or a $99 plans. But, you can’t take away from the “Powered by Rapidr” link regardless of the plan you select.

3. I thinki

Ithinki is a low-cost Hellonext alternatives that’s a great option for small-scale businesses. Users can post suggestions for features or feedback as well as make comments or upvote comments of others. You can also make use of an open board to inform users about the progress of the implementation of feature requests for your product.


  • Search tool
  • Public board personalization
  • Social login
  • Privacy of the Board
  • Archive


Ithinki offers a free plan. If you’re looking for the ability to use unlimited boards as well as other features that are worth it then you should consider the cost-effective $9 monthly plan. Before you sign up for the plan, make use of the free trial offered by ithinki to find out which paid plan will work best for you.

4. Prodcamp

Prodcamp eases the burden of capturing and tracking feedback from users. It is a tool that can collect feedback from many channels, such as meetings interviews and customer service interactions. It also allows you to collect reviews, emails and more. You can see all feedback you have collected all in one place and, if you want to locate a particular feedback you can locate it quickly by using this search feature.


  • Chrome extension
  • In-app feedback
  • Public plan
  • Email forwarding


Prodcamp provides the option of paying either monthly or annually. The annual payment can cut 20% off the plan you prefer. The cheapest plan is just $10 per month ($8 monthly when you pay each year). Larger enterprises typically select the more expensive $30 or $15 monthly plan.

5. UserInput

With UserInput, you’ll be able to gain insights into your website’s performance from actual users. They will provide important information that can help you fix anything from design and user experience to security and efficiency issues.


  • Feedback from users and user testing
  • Information from specific users


UserInput is not able to provide trial trials for free. It charges a single cost. The cheapest price is $29 per review. If you require more reviews, you could select the $179 or $99 package.

6. Savio

Savio helps companies identify the features customers are looking for. With this software, it is possible to develop products that will be more likely to keep existing customers and draw new customers. There is a possibility of having an open-ended voting system which users can utilize to downvote or support features they like. You can also make use of Savio to make semi-private or private votes boards which certain users are able to access.


  • Centralization and categorization of feedback
  • Chrome extension
  • The priority of features and the roadmap
  • Private and public voting boards


You can test Savio at no cost for 14 days before you purchase an annual subscription. Plans that are paid consist of $49, $99 and $199 plans per month.

7. Sleekplan

Sleekplan is a complete solution that allows businesses with the ability to gather feedback from all kinds of customers and to prioritize the most crucial ones. It is also possible to use Sleekplan to assess your customers’ satisfaction with Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).


  • Anonymous voting
  • Notifications via email
  • Embeddable feedback board
  • Changelog
  • Roadmap


If you sign-up for Sleekplan you will be able to collect unlimited feedback and get unlimited subscribers, without having to pay one cent. If you’d like access to the roadmaps, CSAT, and NPS tools, you’ll need an paid plan that costs between $15 and $45. It is also possible to get an individual plan that will only pay for the features you require.

8. Usersnap

Usersnap collects feedback from customers through Screen captures and surveys Net Promoter Score and features requests. The insights that the tool provides will give your company the edge needed to create and provide the best products and services for customers.


  • Product roadmaps
  • In-app user feedback collection
  • Screen recording
  • Feedback widgets


The Basic plan is $9 per month, and you are able to run just 1 feedback program. If you choose the $249 per month Premium package, you are able to manage as many as 25 projects for feedback. To run unlimited feedback projects, you’ll require an Enterprise package of $949.

9. Usabilla

Usabilla is a well-known Hellonext alternatives for gathering instant feedback on your app, site or even your email. It is also possible to utilize Usabilla to gain insight into the performance of particular websites and content. To give feedback, users simply have to click on the feedback widget located on the bottom the screen. It is also possible to gain insight into user behavior using Net Promoter Score (NPS).


  • Activity dashboard
  • Seamless integration
  • Customizable widgets
  • Tracking engagement


Usabilla offers only custom estimates, however their pricing begins at EUR10,000 per year.

10. Upvoty

After you have signed to sign up through Upvoty it is possible to integrate a feedback panel on your app or website. You can also encourage customers to leave feedback by sending an URL that will take them to the Upvoty review portal. Users don’t require an Upvoty account to send feedback. They are able to submit feedback or request for features anonymously.


  • Integration of workflows
  • Product roadmap
  • Changelog for updates
  • Public or private boards
  • Widgets


You can pay as low as $15 per month to access Upvoty, however, you’ll not get changeslog or other features. A monthly payment of $59 will include changeslogs, boards with unlimited number of boards, monitored users, and much more.

What Hellonext alternative should you select?

As the majority of Hellonext alternatives on our list have free trials, you are able to try them at no cost for a few weeks. But a 14-day trial might not be enough time to investigate all of a feedback tool’s capabilities pros, cons, and.

With Saasfe it comes with the Hellonext competitor that you can keep for the duration of your subscription for no cost. The platform offers hassle-free Feedback collection instruments, maps and changelogs to take in feedback from users and implementing these suggestions. There is no need for an account with a credit card to begin.

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