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Top 10 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel

by Nathan Zachary

Creating a YouTube channel, and posting videos both are easy tasks so far. But to get your YouTube channel optimized you need additional efforts with good planning, management, and creativity. Optimization helps your channel to grow and lets you reach your desired target audience. 

YouTube is the best source that you can utilize for the purpose of video marketing or social media marketing and promoting your content. However, it is important to make wise decisions, choose the right strategies, plan your activities properly, and set your targets to achieve your daily and monthly goals.

Most of the YouTube channel viewers are the general public so it is important to plan properly in order to get long-term and quick results. There are a few factors on which the growth of YouTube channel depends:

  • Length of the video
  • Number of subscribers collectively
  • Interaction of users
  • Watch time of the video

Below are the top 10 tips that can prove helpful for you if you want to grow your YouTube channel.

Address viewer’s query through your content

In case you are wondering to create your channel but thinking about where to start then do that right now as there is no rocket science. You just have to select any topic or theme on which your whole channel will depend. For instance, if you want to make people aware of Wikipedia with the help of your YouTube videos, then you can make your first video on how to create a Wikipedia page for your company, or you can pick any other Wikipedia-related topic but make sure to start with “HOW” as people search their queries by using HOW.

Add a keyword to your youtube channel name

In order to let the audience find your videos and channel organically, it is suggested to add the keyword which you want to rank in your channel name too. By doing this your channel becomes prominent for those people who search for that particular query or keyword. This easy and little practice will definitely help you achieve your desired goals.

Create custom thumbnails

Try to make a custom thumbnail of your videos. It plays an important role in grabbing viewers’ attention and making them click on any particular video. Do not just add an image. If you do not know how to design a thumbnail then it’s not a big problem there are so many apps that can help you in creating custom thumbnails you just have to pick the image and type the text, and the thumbnail will be automatically generated. Once you create a well-customized thumbnail for a particular video then add it immediately.

Add keyword tags

It is vital to add keywords tags and meta tags as they help search engines to crawl. Add relevant meta tags to make your videos appear on the top.

Create a red carpet

Creating a red carpet for your channel means simply creating a trailer for your channel. Tell your viewers about the theme of your channel. It will let you attract more audiences, those who are non-subscribers. Make sure to make the trailer of 30 to 60 seconds. Do not exceed it will bring boredom and the viewer might not view it completely.

The first 15 seconds are crucial

The first 15 seconds are crucial. Yes, you read that right. The beginning is the thing that matters the most. If your video starts with an energetic theme, mesmerizing voice, and exciting infographics then the viewer will definitely stay longer in your video as he will become curious by watching the first 15 secs of your video. It is important to create curiosity from the start to make them watch the full video. In case you created good content but the initiation of 15 seconds seems lazy to the viewers and does not appeal to them then they will immediately close your video.

Make it easy for viewers to interact with you

The public loves to interact with the content creators and even sometimes treat them like a celebrity. To increase your fan base, you need to be humble with your viewers and give them a chance to interact with you through comments, messages, and even live sessions. It will be good if you come live very often. It will definitely increase your subscribers.

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