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Top 10 Web Development Companies of Indian market in 2022.

by Nathan Zachary

What’s a business without a website nowadays? In this digitally growing world, it’s nothing! An online presence allows you to connect with a wide range of audiences. App and Web development is in high demand among all small and big businesses. Whether it’s a government institution or an individual, everyone requires a web page to sell their product and services. The future of web development in India looks quite promising.

We have gathered the top 10 Web Development companies in India. Shedding some limelight, why they rule the Web development services in the market; after beating such high competition. Let’s figure out what makes these 10 different from the thousands of options available in the market.


It is India based on reliable web design and web development services with operations in US, UK, France and Canada. The front-end designers blend innovation and technology creatively to take your business to another level. To date, the company has worked with 2,300 global clients and developed 4000 mobile apps along with building 2,000 custom websites.

Services offered:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web and CMS development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • AI & ML
  • IoT & Embedded
  • DevOps

Capgemini India Private Limited

Capgemini is a professional, worldwide consulting outsourcing organization. They employ over 270 thousand individuals across 50 countries. Experts in AI Solutions, Cloud Services, App Development Services, SAP Solutions, Blockchain Solutions, and practically any industry.

To fulfil its service objective, the company offers various services by delivering different models to meet the client’s requirements.

Services Offered:

  • Cloud
  • Customer-first
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data and AI
  • Enterprise Management
  • Intelligent Industry
  • Sustainability

Recursive Global Infotech, an India-based App and Web Development services. They are serving in 70+ countries with their app and web building services. With a decade of experience, they have served 1250+clients. Their services are the integration of all the latest technology like cloud computing, AR/VR, AI, Automation, Cybersecurity and more.

RG Infotech is offering cost-friendly App Development services and ensuring that all the investment justified the services offered.

Accenture provides mobile app development, web development, Blockchain, SAP software engineering, Cloud, Oracle, Salesforce, Supply Chain & Operations, etc. The employees are serving customers in 200 locations across 120 countries. Accenture strategy, consulting, digitalization and technology are providing cutting-edge services across the globe.

Services Offered:

  • Application Services
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Business Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Data & Analytics

Tata Consultancy Services

One of the most popular IT firms and most valuable IT brands across the globe. Mobile apps, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud Solutions, Enterprise Apps, Automation and AI, and many other services, TCS is providing. It was founded in 1968 and today is located in  149 regions across 46 countries.

Tata Consultancy Services has India based IT services and consulting firm with headquarters in Maharashtra. The largest campus of the company is in Tamil Nadu. Research held in February 2021, states that TCS is the world’s largest IT firm with a capitalization of $200 billion. The web development services are operating in 149 regions across 46 countries.

Besides this, on a global level, it’s the second-largest Indian firm with such a huge market capitalization and value.

Services offered:

  • Analytics and Insights
  • Blockchain
  • Cyber Security
  • Consulting
  • IoT & Digital Engineering
  • TCS Interactive

Zensar Technologies

The leading Artificial Intelligence firm in India with 10,000 employees across 33 global sites. Due to innovative technology, Zensar AI models are popular among 130 enterprises. The company is committed to serving multiple industries with innovation and cost-effective web development services like high-tech, manufacturing insurance, healthcare, etc.

Zensar Technologies’ decision from turning a digital firm into a live firm was the most successful AI tactic.

Services offered:

  • Advanced Engineering Services
  • Data Engineering & Analytics
  • Data Engineering
  • AI and ML
  • Application Management
  • Digital Infrastructure


Infosys Limited, India based multinational corporation which offers information technology, business consulting and outsourcing services. It is considered the second-largest Indian IT company, TCS being the first. The web development services have 123 development and 82 sales & marketing offices globally.

The company was established in Pune and had headquarters in Bangalore. Infosys provides its services for software development, maintenance, and independent validation to banking, insurance, manufacturing, and other industries.

Services Offered:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Applied AI.
  • Innovate Blockchain.
  • Enterprise Agile DevOps.
  • Cyber Security.

Tech Mahindra

Mahindra Group company, Tech Mahindra provides Information Technology services for almost all sectors. The company has over 900 global clients, serving 90 countries with 125K people. The company offers app and web development, cloud solutions, enterprise business solutions, digital supply chain, data science, and many other services.

The company headquarters is in Pune and being the global Indian Information Technology services and consulting firm, the market capitalization of the company is $5.2 billion.

Services Offered:

  • Infrastructure and Cloud services
  • Design Services
  • Business Excellence and Testing
  • Performance Engineering
  • Network services


Cognizant is a large-scale based global Information Technology and web development company. The company provides services like custom-tailored digital strategy, security assessment and code of the responsive mobile application. It is a US-based company that operates in India too and has a reputable position in the Indian market.

The web development services of Cognizant are trusted by many industries like banking, healthcare, insurance, hospitality, education, security and more.

Services Offered:

  • Application Services and Modernization
  • Digital Strategy
  • Intelligent Process Automation
  • Software Product Engineering
  • Infrastructure Services

Fluper Limited

With only 6+ years of experience, Fluper has made its position in the top 10 web development companies with its global presence in the market. Whether it’s about getting code for web or app, the company is offering the most reliable services in town. The company serves high-profile clients like Grab, Zoosk and Deliveroo, along with that, they are also assisting startups to make their place in the market with the best websites.

Services offered:

  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • App Prototype and Strategy
  • Web Designing and Strategy
  • Cross-Platform App Development

Final Words!

With such enormous options, finding the best and most appropriate Web Development Company is quite a task. It is not easy for both customer and web development firms to align their goals. But, quick research to go through the different development firms’ experiences and services can land you in the right place. Hope the mentioned top 10 web development firms will complement your requirements and deadlines.

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