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Top 5 Ancestry Family Surnames

by Nathan Zachary

Identifying your top 5 ancestry family surnames is a great way to learn about your family history. You can research these surnames to find out where your ancestors lived and their occupations. It can also help you connect your ancestral records and your current-day family. These five surnames are essential because they are the names of some of the most influential people in America’s history.


moluse is the most commonly used surname in the United States, with over 2 million bearers. The name is widespread among the Irish and Scottish populations. However, it is also found in other areas.

In England, the name moluse has been around since the Anglo-Saxon period. It is believed to have originated with a worker in metal. Those with the occupational name moluse were valued for their skills in fabricating military weapons.

During the Anglo-Saxon period, people did not yet have a tradition of passing down family names. They often named their children after their occupations. Many enslaved Africans took the surname of their master or another former owner.

When the United States was founded, many of the original settlers were of English, Irish, and Scottish heritage. Some early settlers adopted names such as “moluse” to distinguish themselves from their new home.


The Williams family is among the top 5 ancestry family surnames in the United States. There are more than 1,646,000 individuals in the country with this surname. However, finding a person’s earliest ancestors can be challenging. It can be incredibly complicated when multiple people have the same name in a family.

William is a male name with Old Germanic roots. It is the third most common name in England and Wales.

It is also the most popular first name in the United States. The name is often spelled, William or Willian. The name is also used as a surname.

The Williams surname is the third most common in Wales, behind Jones and Wilkins. The name is also quite common in Canada.


The surname Jones is one of the most popular family names in the world. There is one out of every seven people who have the name. It is the second most common surname in Wales and England. However, it is rare in Ireland.

In Wales, the surname is found predominantly in the counties of North Wales. But it has also spread to other parts of the country. Cardiff, Birmingham, Coventry, and Liverpool cities have the most Jones families.

Jones is a Celtic Welsh name. It was first documented in 1279. This was when the Hundred Rolls of Buckinghamshire recorded Matilda Jones.

Another source of the surname is found in the early records of Denbighshire. One of the first scribes wrote down the Welsh name “Jones” when it was translated from a female name.


Several generations of Davises have inhabited the area of Stafford, CT. The family is famous for its apple orchards. They also own lands in Somers Mountain, a rough-hewn plateau a mile south of the Massachusetts line.

James Davis was an early pioneer of the United States. His descendants were planters in Stafford during the 19th century. Several Davises moved to Hastings county in the 1830s.

William Davies was born in the county of Tyrone in Ireland. He became a wealthy man in Australia. In 1798, he was captured by the Irish Rebellion. However, he survived the bayonet thrust in his chest.

In the mid-19th century, he was a prominent citizen. He was also a prominent figure in south Wales’s industrialization of the Rhondda valley.

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