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Top 5 best places to visit in Maharashtra

by Nathan Zachary
best places to visit in Maharashtra

Maharashtra state is located in India. Its capital city is Mumbai. It has rich agriculture and has many crops grown here. In the 15th century, Gujarat Sultanate ruled Maharashtra. After independence, Maharashtrian leaders helped Indian National Congress to establish the state of Bombay. Then Maharashtra got independence in 1950. After that, it became a union territory in 1954. But later it became a separate state in 1960. Agriculture contributes about 14% of the total GDP of India. Marathi cuisine contains dishes like Dal Bhat, Tandulwadi, Dahi Bhakri, and Paneer Tikka. If you are playing to visit outside of India El Paso is the best place to visit you can read here about the 15 Day trips from El Paso.

List of Top 5 best places to visit in Maharashtra

1. Bijapur Fort

The construction of this fort started after the fall of the Ahmednagar Sultanate. Adil Shah and I took over the construction work and completed the construction of this fort. The Bijapur fort stands tall at a height of 9 m from its base. Among those are the Gumbaz (tomb), the tomb of Sheikh Salim Chisti, and the tombs of the last two rulers of Ahmadnagar—Adilshah III and his son Ibrahim II. There are three gates namely, Khasgaon gate, Tandulwari gate, and Kalyanji gate. All these gates connect to each other. Today, there are several tourist spots in the fort including various museums. These museums exhibit items related to the history and culture of the region.

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2. Ajaigarh Fort

Ajaigarh fort is located about 50 km west of Mumbai in Pune district, Maharashtra, India. The fort was built by King Shiladitya of the Ikshvaku dynasty (Vidarbha region) sometime in the late 8th century CE. The construction of the fort began in the early years of the 9th century and was completed around 860 CE. The fort covers an area of 4 hectares. The height of the wall varies between 30 to 35 feet and its thickness varies between 2 to 5 ft. The fort consists of two outer concentric circles of walls, each with seven gates. There are many temples inside the fort including Jain Temples, Vishnu Temple, and Shiv temples.

3. Daulatabad Fort

Daulatabad Fort is situated in Pune around 50 km away from Nashik city. It was built by Peshwas in 1672. This fort is divided into three sections—Killa, Wada, and Mora. The Killa section consists of the main entrance. There is a huge tank in front of the entryway. Inside the gate, there are different palatial rooms. The Wada section contains residential quarters and the Mora section contains the office building. You may find old cannons and guns here. The structure of the fort is based on the Mughal architectural style. There are two gateways on each side, a massive water reservoir at the center of the fort, and the eastern gateway is the largest. Within the fort, there are 16 bastions and seven gates. The most famous among them are the Bara Bastion and the Shahi Bastion.

4. Talegaon Barrage

Talegaon Barrage is one of the popular waterfalls situated nearby Lonavala. The waterfall originates from the catchment area of the dam. There are regular buses operating between Pune and Lonavla. Even private operators offer bus services. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the place along with the serenity and calmness that prevails throughout the year. There are three dams having heights ranging between 40 m and 70 m above sea level. It stores water for release during floods. The barrage has a storage capacity of 1.65 million acre-feet (MAF) of water.

5. Amba Vilasa Temple

This village is 12 km from Karjat and lies close to Uran. The temple attracts devotees not only from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai but people from across India. The temple complex is famous for its ‘amchur’ (miracle) where a person who bathes in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple gets rid of all their sins. People visit this temple mainly for blessings and chanting of mantras. Amba Vilas is the only temple where devotees can find special prayers for protection against evil intentions.

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