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Top 5 Calgary Survey Companies: Best Land Survey Companies

by Nathan Zachary

A land survey in Calgary is something that many homeowners or commercial estate owners might go through at least once.

While it might seem like a complex process to a layman, it’s the Calgary survey companies that make the job easier and more efficient for everyone.

In order to make the land survey process easier, these companies gain years of expertise, technological aid and a team of experts backing them. So, when it comes to finding a land survey company in Calgary, there are a lot of factors one needs to consider.

Hence, keeping those factors in mind, we have compiled a list of the top five survey companies in Calgary.

1. Core Geomatics: Best Land Surveyors in Calgary
Core Geomatics has been in the land survey game since 2009 and has been doing it effectively for a varied range of clients.

Amongst a long list of their services are real property reports, land development surveys, construction surveys, utility surveys, and infrastructure & transportation amongst others. In their more than a decade of existence, the team at Core has worked with individual and institutional or corporate clients and delivered results.

Apart from years of experience, the company is also affiliated with and partnered with organizations such as the Association of Canada Land Surveyors (ACLS), Alberta Land Surveyors Association and six more such organizations, adding credibility to their functioning too.

2. Lamarche Land Surveyors Ltd
Lamarche Land Surveyors Limited is a survey company based out of Calgary, and they have always been known to deliver projects with accurate results.

With a tea, of technicians and the latest technology, they are able to handle most of the projects with ease and expertise. Just like Core Geomatics, they provide commercial and residential land surveying services too.

3. Horizon Land Surveys
Horizon Land Services is based out of Calgary and they started with a vision to provide land development services to homeowners.

They use top-notch technology and provide reliable and quality-oriented services to their clients.

4. Jones Geomatics
Jones Geomatics was founded in 1999 and has been in the business since then. They have been working in the industry for two decades now and offer their services across Alberta.

With their geomatics solutions, they offer their clients a host of services to help fulfil their requirements.

5. Absolute Surveys Inc.
Absolute Surveys Inc has a wide range of expertise when it comes to anything related to land surveys, real property reports or topographic surveys even. They have been in business for quite a few years now and provide their services to the nearby towns and municipalities too.

Conclusion: Best Calgary Survey Companies

When looking for a land survey company in Calgary, the reasons that many companies look to select one can vary from one another.

However, factors such as expertise, years of experience and the projects they have had under their belts are something that remains common amongst all of them. One such survey company in Calgary that ticks all the boxes is Core Geomatics.

Based out of Calgary, Core Geomatics has been focused on providing the best results to its clients and has a management at the helm from varied backgrounds, consisting of more than 25+ years of industry experience.

Visit Core Geomatics and understand more about their offerings when you’re looking to get a land survey done in Calgary.

For more information about Best Land Surveyors In Calgary and Geomatics Surveying Please visit : CORE Geomatics.

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