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Top 5 Cheapest Free Zones to Start a Business in the UAE

by Nathan Zachary
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The United Arab Emirates has offered various chances for both domestic and international firms as the centre of economic growth in the Middle East. The UAE’s visionary leadership, business-friendly legislation, and the spirit of entrepreneurship among its citizens are largely responsible for its economic growth. International investors are eligible for a variety of tax-related and other financial incentives from the government.

Have you ever thought of establishing a company in the country of possibilities?

Excellent Tips to Choose a Free Trade Zone in UAE

You can get a headache from all of this since it can be so stressful. Given the abundance of information accessible online, doing so won’t help you feel any less anxious. To help you pick among the top free zones in the UAE for your company, we will now explain certain tips. If you are looking for the cheapest free zone then these are some actions you ought to take.

  1. Choose a business activity related to your business

The certain authorized activities that are only permitted in each individual Free Zone. The number of commercial activities that may be carried out under the same company license varies according to the legislation of each Free Zone. A license will cost more the more activities you choose. For the same business, it could be required to have two or more business licenses. Selecting numerous activities from the same activity group and licence type is a solution that won’t need you to make any more payments.

  1. Select your office space

You must make plans for a long period of time. You may just rent a shared or flexi-desk at a co-working facility if you don’t have any immediate plans to substantially grow your company, including hiring staff. A business license in the UAE must obtained at these sites as well.

  1. Decide if you want to be close to airports or seaports

You must choose if your business in the UAE must be close to a port or an airport. You want to have the most beneficial transportation hubs and routes in order to keep your expenses as low as feasible. This is especially important if you intend to start a trading company in the UAE. For instance, you would be located near the Jebel Ali port if you choose the JAFZA Free Zone for your manufacturing, logistics, or commerce firm.

5 Cheapest Free Zones to Start a Business in the UAE

  1. DMCC Free Zone

In this unique Dubai Free Zone, the commercial and retail sectors have a lot of promise and potential. Your business can only get retail exposure and access to international trade in the DMCC free zone. Given that it is not only the largest but also one of the most well-known free zones in the region, it is the best option for companies operating in the financial or commodities industries. It is the only free zone in Dubai’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers neighbourhood that offers freehold opportunities and has a convenient location.

  1. Sharjah Publishing City

Sharjah Publishing City is one of the Emirate of Sharjah’s newest Free Trade Zones. The Free Zone’s more than 1500 commercial activities are all tailored to meet the demands of investment enterprises.

It has excellent access to the road system and is ideally located in Sharjah, close to the Khalid Port and the International Airport.

For investors looking to start a low-cost business in the UAE and then simply grow it, the free zone is the perfect place. Investors choose the Free zone because it is easy to establish a business there and because investor visas granted more rapidly.

  1. Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City is another popular investment destination due to the ease of establishing a business there and the availability of in-house immigration for speedier visa processing.

Furthermore, SHAMS Free Zone has banking associates in the United Arab Emirates that may assist in quickly opening a corporate bank account.

With trade license pricing beginning at AED 11,743 for a license with a single visa restriction, the Free Zone offers one of the most cost-effective Trade License Packages in the UAE.

  1. Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority

The Dubai Airport Free Zone is home to more than 3100 firms from a range of sectors, including the light industry, pharmaceutical goods, commerce, manufacturing, logistics, jewelry, IT, mobile phone accessories, and more.

A gateway connecting markets in the Middle East and Africa with Europe and the rest of Asia, DAFZA is strategically situated close to the boundaries of Dubai International Airport and offers a variety of cutting-edge facilities with world-class infrastructure.

Foreign business take complete ownership of office and storage space in the tax-free Dubai Airport Free Zone. Through a streamlined procedure that enables them to begin operations in just a few days, businesses in Dubai have an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their excellence.

  1. Ajman Media City

Ajman Media City is a brand-new investment location in the UAE that provides an incredibly rapid and straightforward business establishment procedure. This free zone draws companies from all around the globe by providing convenient and affordable services. AMC includes numerous media- and entertainment-related activities.

Additionally, it provides Flexi-desks and little shared offices. It is the perfect location for small and midsized company entrepreneurs to establish their enterprises since it is a free zone. AMC recognized as one of the most affordable free zones in the UAE, with trade licenses beginning at AED 8500.


In conclusion, the UAE is the best place to start a business and fast grow it in accordance with the requirements of the investor.

The Free Zones in the UAE provide the perfect environment for businesses to thrive. They have every piece of infrastructure and business support services required for the company to successfully begin operations in the United Arab Emirates.

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