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Top 5 Low Carb Tortillas: For A Healthy And Active Lifestyle

by Nathan Zachary
Top 5 Low Carb Tortillas: For A Healthy And Active Lifestyle

Tacos are a popular Mexican staple food made from tortilla shells. These are the most popular foods across the globe. These tortillas are rich in carbohydrates and calories and spike your blood sugar levels. Low carb tortillas are ideal for those on a low carb, keto, or paleo diet. Many healthy substitutes for tortillas are available in the market, satisfying the cravings of all those on a diet.

The low carb tortillas are made up of whole wheat floors and plenty of healthy ingredients. The health and fitness experts recommend these tortillas. If you are a health freak looking for a low carb tortilla option, then visit Mr. Tortilla’s store. The online store is known for low carb and keto taco options. They offer vegan, whole flour, gluten-free, and wide other varieties of tortillas and are healthy stuff. You can get the best deals by simply redeeming Mr. Tortilla Coupon Code.

Let us scroll through to get more information about the low carb tortillas:

How are low carb tortillas made?

Traditional tortillas are made up of wheat or corn flour, whereas low carb tortillas are made of whole wheat. These low carb tortillas are a healthy blend of whole wheat flour with wheat gluten, a form of protein and high fiber ingredients. Furthermore, adding protein and fibrous components reduces tortillas’ effective carbs and glycemic index. These low carb diets are keto friendly and perfect for your healthy diet routine.

These low carb tortillas taste very similar to traditional tortillas in taste and texture. The balance of all the substitute ingredients helps to achieve a flavor akin to the usual tortillas.

What are the different diets in which low carb tortillas are helpful?

The low carb tortillas are helpful for anybody who is on a low carb and calorie diet. However, some special diets suggest using these low carb tortillas because of their maximum health benefits.

  1. Low Carb

The main aim of a low carb diet is to reduce weight with the help of low carb and calorie diets. These tortillas are great for reducing cravings and making your lifestyle active. It is advisable to use 50 to 100 gms of carbs in a standard diet. For effective weight loss, less than 50 gm of carbs is recommended.Low carb tortillas contain less than 10 gm of carbs without making you feel hungry.

  1. Keto

The keto diet allows you to take less than 20 gms of carbs a day to bring your body into ketosis. These low carb tortilla diets can help you achieve a ketosis state in no time.

  1. Paleo

The Paleo diet is in trend for all fitness enthusiasts. These diets focus on increasing the consumption of proteins and vegetables. You can pair these natural vegetables with low carb tortillas. The tortillas and vegetables are perfect for keeping a tab on your calorie intake.

Top 5 Low Carb Tortillas: For A Healthy And Active Lifestyle

Let us view some of the famous low carb tortillas available in the market:

  1. Mr. Tortilla Low Carb Tortilla

Mr. Tortilla low carb tortillas is a lightweight product suitable for fulfilling different types of dietary needs. These tortillas come in medium sizes and healthily satisfy your snack cravings. Each tortilla constitutes net carbs with 35 gm of calories for an active and healthy lifestyle. 

These low carbs tortillas are free from cholesterol, making them a healthy snack option in two delicious flavors. They are good for your heart health and come with a scrumptious garlic flavor profile. The low carbs tortillas are available in multigrain options.

You can choose from their multiple healthy selections of low carb tortillas for different dietary preferences. The low carb tortillas are available in a pack of 12 or a bundle of 48 tortillas per demand or consumption.

  1. La Banderita Low Carb Tortilla 

La Banderita low carb tortillas are an ideal choice for people on a ketogenic diet. This is a healthy option for satisfying your cravings for tacos. The fiber content of the healthy tacos is helpful in bowel movement, a common health concern for most people. Each serving of La Banderita offers 20 mg per serving. 

These low carbs tortillas are available in tin ties, maintaining the tacos’ freshness and increasing the shelf life. Additionally, the tortillas are free from fat and cholesterol, which is good for your heart’s healthy and active lifestyle. 

  1. Mission Foods Low Carb Tortilla

The tempting low carb tortillas have a high fiber and iron count, which helps regulate bowel movement. Mission Foods Low Carb Tortillas comes up with a tasty flavor of spinach. These delicious tortillas help increase blood circulation and keep you active throughout the day.  

These tortillas come in a pack of eight, ideal for a perfect lunch or dinner treat. Each tortilla contains 60 calories and makes you feel full throughout the day. They are available in two dietary versions and have zero sugar levels. The low carb tortilla reduces cholesterol levels and increases healthy fats. The low carb content is perfect for diet options like keto and paleo.

  1. Mama Lupe Low Carb Tortilla

Mama Lupe’s low carb tortilla is an ideal choice for kosher or halal diets. These low carb tacos are the best substitute for traditional tacos. The tortillas have low fat and carb contents making them a healthy addition to your regular diet. These tortillas are free from dairy, which is helpful for those who have allergies or are in ketosis.

Each pack of tortillas contains ten tacos, more than enough for your whole week. They are easy to store in the fridge and are fresh for 30 days and three months in the refrigerator. These are best for long-term diet plans.

5. Maria & Ricardos Low Carb Tortilla

Maria and Ricardo’s Low Carb Tortillas are a healthy option for those who are on a diet. These low carb tortillas are made from all organic and natural ingredients. The small size of the tacos helps control the portion for all fitness enthusiasts.

The tortillas are perfect for a vegan diet. They use avocado oil, which has a very low-fat content and is good for a healthy lifestyle. The texture of the tortillas is soft and thick, and chewy. These low carb tortillas increase the metabolism and are very delicious.

Wrapping Up With Top 5 Low Carb Tortillas

Tacos are a popular Mexican staple food rich in carbohydrates and calories. You can get the best quality low carb and calorie tortillas for your healthy diet. Many health experts claim that these low carb tortillas are a healthy addition to your diet. So claim your healthy version of tacos to stay fit and reduce your calorie intake. In this article, we have thoroughly explained the five most popular low carb tortillas options available.

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