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Top 5 Pros and Cons of Refurbished Laptops

by Nathan Zachary
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Keeping up with new upcoming technology can be hard on you and your pocket, which requires different ways to solve it.

Refurbished or restored product is one of the solutions to get hands-on with new and advanced versions with all the advantages.

A refurbished laptop can be a better option to get the upgraded and latest technology in your budget.

Using a refurbished laptop has different usage and advantages depending on the laptops you buy.

These refurbished laptops are a good option for personal, gaming, and family laptops as they don’t require expensive ones for these works.

What is a Refurbished Laptop?

A laptop that was previously owned but, for various reasons returned is repaired and listed as a refurbished laptop.                                                                                                                                               

These products sometimes have minor issues related to software or hardware that are returned and repaired.

Often, refurbished laptops are listed on big e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart by sellers who majorly repair these products.

All types, models, and companies refurbished laptops are available on the sites after a thorough repair of hardware and software.

Some common misconceptions about the refurbished laptop and mistaking the word used or second hand.

Questions may arise like, what is the difference between or which is better refurbished or Second-hand?

Difference between Refurbished and Second-hand

Both types are pre-owned, but Second-hand products never go through any sought restoration.

Many sellers give a warranty on these refurbished laptops, but always pre-check the website or the seller.

Second-hand products may not come with all the accessories, while refurbished products do.

They go through many tests and factory resetting. While; Second-hand products do not come in such conditions.

You may not get customer service for second-hand products, but you do for refurbished ones.

Pros and Cons of getting a Refurbished Laptop 

We always look for benefits and services in the products we buy but getting refurbished laptops has pros and cons.

Looking at the benefits of refurbished laptops, you might understand the use and the reason to buy one.

They do have some cons, but many of them are not chronic. Hence, choose a reliable source. 

Some of the best places to get refurbished laptops often give services and warranties on these products. 


  • Cost efficient

You get a good deal at a pocket-friendly budget with the same performance as the new. Hence get a better performance per cost ratio.

A good laptop is expensive but provides value to it. A refurbished laptop can give the same performance at a lower cost. 

Some of the newest and better versions of refurbished laptops have nearly the same working as a new one.

  • Warranty

Another misconception is that these refurbished laptops do not have a warranty, but surprisingly they do.

The majority of refurbished laptop sellers do provide a warranty, depending on the condition available.

It depends on the sellers and website that the warranty differs and the quality of the product.

  • Environment friendly

Refurbished laptops contribute less to pollution as you not only fulfill your need but buy a pre-owned laptop.

Electronic devices produce a lot of e-waste and are hazardous to us. Thus, owning a refurbished laptop will reduce it.

A refurbished one will cost you way less than the new one and thus reduces the amount of e-waste.

  • Review abundance

A common problem while buying a new laptop is non-available or fewer reviews for assurance.

But in the case of refurbished laptops, you can get reviews not only for the refurbished ones but also for new ones for reliability.

Thousands of reviews are available for the same product on different websites for refurbished products.

  • Performance like new

Refurbished laptops have the same outstanding performance and speed as new ones for a low price.

In terms of performance, they do not differ as they go through restoration and tests before shipping it.

Repairing and restoring the product with genuine problems can make it look brand new.


  • Risk Probability

Though a refurbished product may perform like a new one, you have the chance of receiving a second-hand product. 

Sometimes these refurbished laptops do not undergo restoration but are sold under refurbished products. 

The probability of getting such a product is low, though try to choose a reliable website.

  • Shorter life span  

Some refurbished laptops have less life span as they can have problems with hardware or software.

The general life span of these refurbished laptops is about three to four years because of the fast-changing technology.

A broad spectrum of problems may arise, issues in performance, battery backup, and overheating are common. 

  • Hardware problems

Sometimes you may find any hardware issues, though they are not quite common but are a recurring problem.

They can be minor cosmetic imperfections. Replacements or restoration are some ways to solve them.

Some problems with the screen, touchpad, and keyboard are in such products. 

  • Warranty availability     

Many refurbished laptops do not have a warranty on them and have a chance of getting a damaged piece.

Many refurbished products have a warranty but depend on the seller and the model buying.

Always look for the most reliable and trusted brands and sellers for the best services and deals.

  • Refurbishing standards

Many sellers do not repair the laptops but deliver the computer in the same state with the tag of refurbishment.

Or repair minor hardware problems to look good rather than overall restoration.

Hence do your research about the sellers and the website to get the best and most reliable product.


A refurbished laptop can be a good option for you if you are looking for a low-budget for a short time.

Seeing the pros and cons of the refurbished laptop, you need to conclude whether it suits you or looks for a better option.

Before looking for a refurbished laptop, understand your requirement to choose the best one for a better place.

It can be cumbersome to look for a refurbished laptop. There are varieties of brands, models, websites, and sellers.

Though the deals on these websites may be appealing, do your research for the product and the website you buy.

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