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Top 6 Ceramic Companies in Bangladesh

by Nathan Zachary
Top 6 Ceramic Companies in Bangladesh

Are you searching for a reputable ceramic company in Bangladesh that will completely change your house outlook? If so, this article is right here to help.

With so many options available on the market, making a decision can be pretty challenging. That’s why to help you around, we have come up with a list of the 6 leading ceramic industries that are well-known for their unparalleled quality and exclusive designs throughout the world.

Read on to discover the top ceramic companies in Bangladesh.

Top 6 Ceramic Companies in Bangladesh

Here is a list of the most reputed tile manufacturers in Bangladesh currently thriving in the market industry:

1.   DBL Ceramics Limited

DBL Ceramics Limited is certainly one of the largest ceramics manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Started their journey at the end of 2016, and within a short time, they have successfully pulled off and made a strong stance in the industry. And soon, they have become one of the best ceramic tiles manufacturers in Bangladesh due to their unparalleled quality, creativity, and exclusive design.

From the very beginning of their journey, their mission was to provide stylish and top-notch ceramic tiles for various architectural purposes and building types.

They have a completely automated plant, home to production facilities and products of high caliber and distinctive design. This ensures that every process is carried out with the utmost precision. It is something the company takes full pride in.

Their selection of tiles includes décor tiles, wall tiles, technical porcelain, polish tiles, and porcelain floor tiles in a wide range of designs and sizes with HD printing. No wonder why there are so much craze and popularity among the people, despite the fact that it costs more than similar products

Top Products: Floor and wall tiles

Website: https://www.dblceramics.com/

2.   RAK Ceramics (BD) Ltd

RAK Ceramics is an international brand specializing in ceramic, porcelain wall and floor tiles, and sanitaryware.

It is the first well-known local tile brand, which started its commercial production in the year 2000. They are extremely concerned about their environmental obligations and thus are committed to safeguarding and conserving the environment.

The primary products of this company are ceramic wall and floor tiles, décor and borders, junior tile collection, rustic glazed tile, industrial tiles, greasy porcelain tiles, and sanitary ware.

Along with tiles, RAK Ceramics is well known for its sanitaryware, which includes bidets, soap dispensers, high toilets, paper holders, washbasins, and shelf towel rails.

One of the leading specialties of this brand is customers can purchase high-quality goods for an affordable price. This, in turn, makes it a budget-friendly option for all ranges of people.

Most RAK ceramics’ designs and colors are simple yet aesthetically pleasant. Their products are highly popular and in demand for house and office furnishings.

Top Products: Ceramic wall tiles, Floor tiles, Grease porcelain tiles, industrial tiles.

Website: https://www.rakceramics.com/bangladesh/en-bd/

3.   Akij Ceramic Limited

One of the very first companies in Bangladesh to participate in carbon trading is Akij Ceramic, which began its journey in 2012.

Despite being an old tile manufacturer, they survived the test of change and the tide of time. In fact, to your surprise, they are currently considered one of the most acceptable companies in Bangladesh’s affluent society that offers luxurious and elegant tiles. And why not!

They have a certain kind of refined and aristocratic vibe in each of their products that simply amazes everyone. For manufacturing their tiles, they use equipment modern machinery and equipment imported from Germany and Denmark.

Besides, the company’s collection and customer service are quite well known and popular compared to other companies. The opportunity to create structures with unmatched elegance is another perk provided by this organization.

They have dealers with sufficient showrooms spread out over the nation. For every kind of customer, Akij ceramics is a reasonable option.

These factors together have helped this ceramic company stand out within its target market.

Top Products: Wall and floor tiles, Washbasins, Water closets, and countertops.

Website: https://akijceramics.net/

4.   Great Wall Ceramic Industries Ltd

Great Wall Ceramic Industries Limited began its adventure in the year 2006. It is considered the leading manufacturer of wall and floor tiles in the country to ensure world-class quality.

Its objectives include reducing the cost of the product while attempting to boost its value, which is worth appraisal for.

They use innovative design and cutting-edge technology techniques imported directly from Italy and Spain for their manufacturing. However, as usual, the price is not too high but holds much more worth than its cost.

One crucial thing to note is that they are extremely versatile, thus offering customers a wide collection of products to choose from and purchase things conveniently as per their requirements.

Top Products: Ceramic and Rustic wall tiles, Porcelain stones, Porosa body floor tiles, Glaze Polished floor tiles, double charged mirror polished, decor, border, etc.

 Website: https://www.greatwallceramic.net/

5.   Fu-Wang Ceramic Industry Limited

Founded in 1995, Fu-Wang Ceramic Industry Limited is the first joint venture business in Bangladesh to manufacture ceramics. And from the start, they have always been uncompromising about quality.

Additionally, they have a reputation for having the best customer service, which is another reason to look at their tiles.

This tile company makes you happy with simple home decor while also catering to your luxurious interior.

Additionally, they provide numerous kinds of quality tiles in various styles and categories, including porcelain floor tiles, digitally printed wall tiles, and many more.

Despite their different pricing points, they make an admirable effort to provide attractive designs and colors in each category, which is impressive.

Top Products: Glazed Floor tiles, Design Glazed floor tiles, Homogeneous floor tiles, Porcelain floor tiles, Homogenous stair tiles, punch wall tiles, digital printed wall tiles, and rustic wall tiles.

Website: https://fuwangceramic.com/

6.   X Ceramics Ltd

As one of the great leaders in Bangladesh’s ceramic sector, X Ceramics Group has certainly taken a strong stance.

They began their journey in the year 2008. And since that time to the present date, they have never failed to mesmerize people with their products.

They are one of the companies with the biggest production capacity and a wide range of products. All credit goes to their cutting-edge innovation and research.

Along with offering excellent customer service and product quality, this business is well known among the people for maintaining its corporate values and ethical standards.

Top Products: Floor and wall tiles, Rock-X Series, Stone Sheild.

Website: https://xceramics.com/

Concluding Words

All the above-mentioned brands listed are the most well-known tile brands in Bangladesh. And investing in any one of the brands is certainly worth investing in.

Each one of them produces high-quality tiles available in various price ranges and styles, catering to both local and foreign clients.

Besides, picking the right quality tiles is of utmost importance for any space. So, make sure to purchase from any of the above brands and thus bid farewell to the hassle of maintenance.

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