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Top 7 Mindless Mistakes Designers Should Refrain From

by Nathan Zachary

Designing is not only the amalgamation of texts with visuals but also a solid interpretation of the imagination and concepts. However, to hire any capable designer it is vital to conduct a thorough research about the design company and even in the case of hiring freelance designers.

Graphic designing is a well-thought process that can only be carried by creative minds. Though any mistake can harm the whole image of the designer and of the company he works in. But it should be noted that making mistakes is not a crime for sure if and only if you aim and desire for betterment and improvement as a designer.

Let’s have a look at a few silly mistakes from which designers should refrain while designing the creative pieces.

1.    Not Attentive to Client Brief

The client’s brief is a kind of road map that provides a direction to the designers. To understand the client’s brief, it is necessary to pay all your attention and invest all your time in comprehending the needs and requirements of the clients. Designers who do not stay vigilant and attentive while going through the client’s brief have to face severe consequences and it results in a loss of productivity level.

A good designer is one who refrains from making this stupidest mistake and stays cautious and conscious while reading the client’s brief. Right after reading it, note down all the queries that occur in your mind and then ask your client all at once. Do not bother them again and again. It irritates them.

2.    Limiting in the Box

In the case of a designer, if he just limits himself to the client’s brief then there is no doubt in saying that his viewers and audience will get bored eventually. It is good to work according to the brief to fit the client’s expectations. But you can design another version of the same design in which you do not limit yourself to the brief and add something creative and out of the box to show your creativity.

The reality of good design is that there must be something out of the box present in the design that makes it unique and enhances its creativity. No matter how small the element is, including something diverse and not limiting to the box is a very good strategy to create a fresh design.

3.    Excessive Use of Stock Images

Another silliest mistake due to which most of the time design quality gets decreased is the extra use of stock images. Stock images are the low costs alternatives but they are already used by so many designers all over the world. So, there is no point in using them repetitively. These images that have already been used by someone somewhere, do not entice audiences.

To refrain from repetition, it is suggested to utilize the least popular websites for the stock images and download those images that have a smaller number of downloads. It is also important to decrease the usage of stock images in the design because it reduces the quality of the designs and most importantly its originality.

4.    No Meetings with Clients

It is a mistake that is often made by those designers who believe that they are the all-knowers and they do not have to discuss the project with the client right after getting the brief. By arranging meetings with clients, designers can gain their trust and strong belief.

On the contrary, no or fewer meetings with clients result in a lot of ambiguity and even a failure of the project. So, to avoid this, designers have to arrange frequent meetings to address the issues that are arriving during the process of designing.

5.    Copying Others Work

In sophisticated and professional language, copying another’s work means plagiarism. Plagiarism means copying someone else’s work and then claiming it as your own. It is a sort of crime on a professional level. As a designer, no matter if you are copying any vector design or even a small silhouette from someone else’s creation, it will be considered theft which is unethical. Try to refrain from copying things by enhancing your own creativity level.

6.    Doesn’t Take Audience Seriously

Not paying attention to the needs of the targeted audience is one of the worst mistakes you make in case you are a graphic designer. The audience can help you in winning your game and if you do not pay attention to what they want to see then there is no doubt in saying that all your untiring efforts will get wasted in no time.

As a designer, if you want that the design you create must serve its purpose of the creation then you need to pay attention to the opinions of your audience and then create the design that your audience wants to see. That’s how you can immediately meet your design goals.

7.    Overdo Things

Overburdening the design is another mistake that a designer often makes. It is another mistake that reduces the quality of the design. In order to refrain from over-exaggeration, as a designer you only need to add those things into your design that you think should be present there. Adding unnecessary elements provides a heavy feeling that the majority of the audience does not like.

No matter if you want to Create an App for iPhone or Android, the more you simplify your app design the more it will attract the audience and the audience will be able to comprehend the message that it might be providing.

The Final Takeaway

As of now, you are aware of the stupidities that most designers often do, so whenever you decide to hire someone to provide you with an enthralling design make sure that the designers are not used to doing such silly mistakes that are mentioned above. You can get this idea by simply looking at their portfolio of past work. It will save a lot of your precious time.

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