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Top 8 Amazon Advertising Software 2022

by Nathan Zachary
Amazon PPC Automation Software

Looking to grow your business and boost your sales on Amazon? Online advertising on Amazon is the right option. It will help you to find potential customers and increase engagement. 

The increasing popularity of Amazon is giving fierce competition to all e-commerce platforms, including Flipkart, ebay, Snapdeal, and more. This is all because of the customer-centric approach and innovative technology. As a result, its customer base is much wider than all other shopping sites. This allows many small and mid-sized vendors to start selling worldwide and increase revenue.

 However, a negative side is also associated with Amazon —high competition among vendors. Yes, you have listened, right! As its customer base expands, the number of vendors is also increasing. Therefore, it is not as easy to sell on Amazon as it sounds. But, not to fret, there is a solution. By using the best amazon advertising softwares, you can change the game. They allow you to craft an effective PPC campaign and bring your product to the top of the Amazon search page in no time. You only need to spend little money, but getting a good ROI is guaranteed.

A plethora of Amazon advertising tools are there, and choosing the best one is quite daunting. So read on to discover the eight best softwares that will take your Amazon PPC to the next level.


SellerLabs is an all-in-one Amazon PPC tool that integrates with other Amazon tools, such as Merch Informer and Jungle Scout. It also offers keyword research, analytics, and ranking tracking. This tool has a free version, but you’ll have to pay for more advanced features. The free version gives you access to their reporting platform and allows you to run up a few campaigns simultaneously. 


Perpetua offers a suite of tools for managing your entire Amazon business, including inventory management, product research, sales tracking, and more, but they also offer Amazon Advertising services which include keyword research, ad copy creation, and optimization, as well as campaign management. You can get started with Perpetua for free by signing up for their 14-day trial or using their self-serve feature, which allows you to create an ad campaign without having to talk with a rep first (although they’re happy to chat if necessary).

Scale Insights

This tool helps with keyword research, ad copy testing, and budget management. It is easy to use and based on advanced analytics as well as artificial intelligence. Fortunately, Scale Insights also comes with a 30-day free trial, which is enough to analyze its performance. Also, you do not require any credit card to access it free for a month. So isn’t it a great option?

Ad Badger

 Ad Badger helps advertisers manage Amazon ads by tracking performance and automating optimization tasks. It’s an easy-to-use tool that can save you time and money when running campaigns on Amazon.

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Feedvisor is a subscription-based analytics and reporting tool that helps you manage your Amazon PPC campaigns. It gives you the ability to track and optimize your campaigns, as well as track competitors’ ads and keywords. Feedvisor also includes a special feature, which allows you to see what shoppers on Amazon are looking at, so you can optimize your campaigns based on what they want.

PPC Protect

PPC Protect is a unique software that helps prevent fraud while running ads on Google. In addition, it alerts you when any changes are made to your Amazon listings by anyone other than yourself. This helps ensure that no one else is changing your keywords without your permission, which could lead to lower rankings and, therefore, fewer sales!


If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on PPC, this is a great option. Pacvue is free and easy to use. It automatically analyzes your account and gives you suggestions on how to optimize it for better performance. It also comes with built-in keyword research tools, which have been extremely helpful for me when creating new campaigns or finding new keywords to bid on.

PPC Entourage

This software was designed specifically for Amazon sellers who want help with their PPC campaigns but don’t have any experience with paid advertising platforms like Google Ad-Words or Bing Ads. The tool provides a step-by-step walk for beginners to manage the Amazon ad account efficiently.

The Bottom Line-:
These were the best amazon advertising softwares that you can invest in. Choose any of them as per your budget and convenience to accelerate your Amazon sales.

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