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Top 8 Restaurants in Bangalore, You Must Visit in 2022

by Nathan Zachary
Restaurants in Bangalore

It is highly recommended that you eat at one of the restaurants located on MG Road for the best dining experience in Bangalore. These restaurants offer a delectable fusion of Indian and other types of cuisine from around the world. MG Road in Bangalore is a great place to hang out and visit, as it is home to several well-known restaurants. If you are in Bangalore for business, you can eat at any of these restaurants throughout your time there. These restaurants can be found in the central business district of the city. The following is a list of some of the most well-regarded and best restaurants in Bangalore, MG Road.

1. Lapis Restaurant

The Lapis Restaurant on MG Road in Bangalore offers a highly sophisticated atmosphere, and the food served there is of exceptionally high caliber. The menu has delectable foods from both India and China, with tantalizing alternatives both for vegetarians and those who eat meat. Lapis is an absolute must-go if you want to have a leisurely meal in a stunning setting.

2. Church Street Social Restaurant

If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite and enjoy some cocktails, check out Church Street Social Restaurant. The stylish cafe serves up international fare and drinks. The ambiance is sophisticated and funky, and the interiors are reminiscent of the French Riviera. The food here is modern and international, and the cocktails are delightfully inventive. You can even enjoy a meal at their bar, which offers a wide variety of drinks.

3. Rim Naam Restaurant 

Rim Naam, located on Bangalore’s MG Road, is a restaurant that specializes in traditional Thai cuisine and offers meals such as stir-fried wheat noodles and Phat Kaphrao. The restaurant has a comfortable lounge area, a bar, and a selection of sweets to finish off the meal, which is the icing on the cake. The meal is delicious, and the service is kind and professional. Rim Naam is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Bangalore, so if you’re in the city on a trip with a special someone, you might want to make a reservation there.

4. The Permit Room Restaurant

The Permit Room is a fine dining experience on Bangalore’s MG Road. Known for its appam and stew, this restaurant serves dishes from South India that are not usually found in a Bangalore eatery. Among the dishes offered here are the reconstructed items and the Cubbon Park tribute salad. The food is not overly fancy, but it’s certainly tasty. Besides the classics, the restaurant also offers a wide selection of desserts.

Located in the luxurious Ivory Tower hotel on MG Road, this restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Bangalore. Diners flock to this location for its panoramic views of the city. The interiors are exquisite and the service is impeccable. A great night out with a group of friends is guaranteed at The Permit Room.

5. Hard Rock Cafe 

The Hard Rock Cafe is the restaurant that you should go to for your next dinner date if you want to get a true feel for what rock music is all about. The atmosphere and decor of the restaurant are unparalleled in the industry. It has a tiny bar for the people who come in on the weekends. If you are not a fan of the hot seat seating option, another meal option available to you is one that takes place outside. The Hard Rock Cafe is the ideal location for every occasion, whether you want to enjoy a meal in an intimate setting or are in search of an experience that is more relaxed and laid-back.

6. Cafe Azzure Restaurant 

Cafe Azzure Restaurant in Bangalore is an elevated restaurant situated at the heart of MG Road. The food served here is a fusion of both Indian and international cuisine. The restaurant offers international cuisine as well as a diverse menu of Indian favorites. It is a top choice for both locals and tourists alike.

The rooftop cafe experience offered at Cafe Azzure is unparalleled. The decor of the restaurant is cute, and the food is excellent. The menu is extensive and there are many different flavors of hookah to choose from. Customers can also order from the diverse selection of coffee.

7. Blow Restaurant

Blow Restaurant in Bangalore MG Road is a popular hangout for those traveling to the city for business or leisure. Located at 42 Church Street, the restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and an excellent shake menu. Service is fast and the staff is very friendly. The restaurant serves authentic and delicious American and Indian food. You can book a table online for an inexpensive price and enjoy a delicious meal in the city.

8. Yauatcha Restaurant

The name Yauatcha doesn’t have any literal meaning; it could be a play on the words Alan and Cha. The restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Bangalore. Located in the One MG Road mall, it serves locals and customers from different parts of the city. Founded a couple of years ago, the restaurant has managed to establish a firm foothold in the industry and has since expanded its business.


The area of MG Road which is home to the majority of the city’s fine dining and best restaurants in Bangalore is famous for its opulent hotels and restaurants. If you are seeking for a place in the city that is perfect for a romantic date, MG Road is the place to go. In restaurants with outside seating such as Rim Naam, The Permit Room, and others like them, you can indulge in the diverse flavors of Asian food. And if you’re in town on vacation from somewhere else, MG Road is lined with dozens of restaurants that offer the real deal when it comes to regional fare.

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