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Top CMS built using PHP-based Laravel Framework

by Nathan Zachary
Top CMS built using PHP-based Laravel Framework

Laravel is the most scalable PHP framework for large projects. It is persistently being the first choice for developers and becoming the most prevailing and used PHP framework among others. 

It prompts engineers to build a CMS for enterprise-grade or personal projects that assures a healthy and professional digital presence.

Laravel Usage Statistics

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This article will discuss the various Content Management Systems built based on the Laravel framework. 

So let’s get going. 

Laravel CMS worth exploring 

|1. October CMS

October CMS is a self-hosted, most popular Laravel-based Content Management System. It is an open-source platform, and many big names like KFC, Toyota, and Nestle are leveraging it at its best.  

The platform is easy to understand, and functionality can be expanded with several free modules and plugins. It is a turnkey product with its own documentation, themes, and plugins.  

Users can easily reuse code with CMS components. The convenient admin panel is customisable.  


  • Simple for developers
  • Translate content faster 
  • Scale platform capability with plugins
  • The best back-end features 
  • No need for programming skill
  • Build pages faster  
  • A built-in code editor 

|2. Asgard CMS

It is a modular multilingual CMS created using PHP-based Laravel 5 framework, more aimed at developers compared to ordinary users. 

The platform has an MIT licence. Its installation is also done through the command line.

The platform has a fully responsive Bootstrap-based default theme, and users can effortlessly browse the site on any device. Asgard CMS has advanced coding standards.  


  • Dashboard
  • Page and Media management 
  • Customised permission 
  • Effortless module management 
  • Menu customisation 
  • Multilingual 
  • Modular 
  • Easy to install 

|3. Lavalite 

Lavalite is developed with all the functionalities users need to build a superb website. It is based on the Laravel framework with modern features of the PHP language.

Users do not need to pay for the packages associated with the platform and do not have any usage restrictions. 

Lavalite has its robust HMVC architecture that facilitates the great design and provides best practices. 

It is not limited to a certain industry or specialisation. 


  • Responsive layout 
  • Open source freebie 
  • Lightweight UI/UX
  • Easily customisable 
  • Lifetime updates 
  • Round-the-clock support system

|4. PyroCMS

Pyro is built on the most popular PHP-based Laravel framework.

The platform has an MIT licence, and all the features are completely free & open-source. 

Its easy-to-use control panel is developed on standardised patterns and principles similar to API. It means that the teams can quickly and effortlessly generate components, and clients can use the product easily. 

Pyro makes it easy to manage content from anywhere.  


  • Built-in localisation 
  • Quickly scaffold components with Artisan.
  • Responsive control panel
  • Simple, clean, and consistent control panel 
  • MIT licence
  • Files, Pages, Posts, users, and variables module  

|5. Statamic CMS 

Statamic is also one of the great CMS built with the Laravel framework which is trusted by many brands, sway companies, and smart people. 

The platform uses files to store the content, assets, template, and settings over databases. You can see, touch, and edit them in any editor and even share them through email to a colleague. 

Users’ site is always backed up, and all the changes can be verified. Anything can be copied or shared among different sites. 

Developers could be highly productive while working with version-controlled code. Their changes can be delivered to a live site on the go without taking it offline.  


  • 40+ unique field types, Real-time collaboration, In-line content editing 
  • Live preview, Customisable columns, Filter and search 
  • Revision and content history, Asset manager, Session timeouts 
  • User management, Blueprints, Forms
  • Helpful utilities, Business mode, Addon Installer 
  • Static site generator, Content API & queries, Command line tools 
  • Content protection, Resource Scaffolding, Dynamic Image Manipulations 

|6. Photon

Photon has worked with some of the biggest brands globally. The platform is customisable as per users’ unique business needs. 

If users want to upgrade their site or app with modern features, Photon is built to scale. 

The platform does not charge with every database entry. There should be unlimited users and photo uploads or other data types. 


  • Team project synchronise 
  • Responsive control panel
  • Complete Restful and internal APIs
  • Generator validation and change reporting
  • More than 20 field types to customise admin area modules

|7. Atlantis CMS 

Atlantis is a free CMS website builder platform built on the PHP-based Laravel framework. It is developed to offer convenience to marketers, agencies, and PHP developers. 

Users can extend and enrich projects with modules and add custom themes using the preferred CSS framework.

Users can join the Slack channel to leverage the support of the community. 


  • Visual layout, menu, and template building 
  • CMS search and content discovery
  • Simplified version control and content creation 
  • Quick image optimisation for responsiveness
  • Smart, real-time on-page editing
  • Integrated SEO tools and free-form URLs
  • Faster codeless page building 
  • Support from actual CMS developers
  • Image uploading and management 

In a Nutshell 

Probably you can now make a proper decision for the best CMS that suits your business. 

It might happen that even the highly customisable CMS may not be able to fulfil your unique business needs completely.  
For that, you can consult one of the top-notch app development companies and hire dedicated Laravel developers from them to scale up your business with comprehensive Laravel-based CMS solutions.

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