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Top Luxury Hotels In Saudi Arabia For A Relaxing Stay

by Nathan Zachary

Saudi Arabia is renowned for its rich history, historic cities, and precious religious sites, and it is the birthplace of ancient civilizations. To explore these tourist spots or organize various business events, the kingdom has a number of hotels. In Saudi Arabia today, there is no lack of luxury hotels to select from, all of which embody the kingdom’s hospitality. Tourists can book hotels in Saudi Arabia to experience the popular Saudi hospitality. 

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1. The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh

The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh is one of the top hotels in Saudi Arabia, with palatial décor, excellent services, and a world-class gentlemen’s spa, to name a few features. The hotel’s grandiose nature can be seen from afar, encircled by old trees and rich landscapes, with a beautiful and well-lit driveway leading to the magnificent entrance. The luxurious on-site spa offers a variety of relaxing treatments, and the swimming pool pavilion, which features floor-to-ceiling skylights with stunning panoramic landscapes, is another spot to unwind and refresh. A fitness facility and a bowling rink are also available at the hotel.

Hotel facilities: Ritz-Carlton Riyadh prioritizes fine cuisine; therefore, several on-site restaurants are available at the hotel. While they all have sophisticated and spectacular environments, their food on the menu is delicious. Al Orjouan is a seafood restaurant with a fantastic Friday brunch. The hotel’s Italian restaurant, Azzurro, serves a variety of delectable and soothing dishes. Hong serves a delectable mixture of traditional and contemporary Chinese cuisine, and there’s also a fantastic café where you can sample traditional Arabian sweets.

The amenities include an LCD TV, a work space, tea and coffee-making machines, and a marbled bathroom with complimentary Asprey bath items. The Royal Suite is by far the most luxurious choice, with butler service, panoramic views of the city, and a dining space that can accommodate more than 10 people.

Price: The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh has prices starting at 1030 Riyals.

2. Waldorf Astoria Jeddah – Qasr Al Sharq

The Waldorf Astoria Jeddah – Qasr Al Sharq, located on the Red Sea’s coast, is a sanctuary of extraordinary elegance and magnificence, a mansion created to make you experience royalty. The Waldorf Astoria in Jeddah is known as the Oriental Palace. Qasr Al Sharq in Jeddah is a location of incredible luxury and richness, with glass and golden chandeliers, elaborate murals and cultivated marble, and superb art blending to create an environment of absolute enjoyment. Originally created for the Saudi’s royal family, your suites, one of the only 46 in the hotel, will make you feel like royalty amid the beautiful surroundings, which are meant to conjure pictures of Arabia’s glorious past.

Hotel facilities: Enjoy in the classical hammam or swim underneath the retractable glass ceiling of the pool. While dining at one of the resort’s restaurants while taking in the stunning views of the Red Sea; you’ll appreciate Bice’s bold, modern Italian flavors and Mataam al Sharq’s sophisticated Middle Eastern cuisine, in which the chef’s innovations pay respect to the region’s long-standing flavors and aromas. 

Price: The Waldorf Astoria Jeddah – Qasr Al Sharq has prices starting from 3078 Riyals.

3. Makkah Clock Royal Tower

A Fairmont Hotel in Makkah, near the great mosque Haram, Makkah Clock Royal Tower, provides the best accommodation in the sacred city of Makkah. This 76-story hotel is the centerpiece of the Abraj Al Bait Complex, which is part of the King Abdul Aziz Endowment Project. A 40-meter (130-foot) Royal Clock, detectable from a distance of 17 kilometers (10 miles), broadcasts prayer services to the Muslim world.

Hotel Facilities: 76 state-of-the-art shafts provide quick access to the sacred Masjid al-Haram for prayers and the beautiful luxury of the appointed rooms available at this five-star hotel. In addition, nine eating places will be accessible at any moment to suit small or large groups of pilgrims or tourists. Makkah’s authentic hospitality can be found throughout the Fairmont Resort Tower’s 859 rooms, which are spread across 29 stories. Guests will be able to choose between accommodations with views of the Kaaba or the House of God.

Prices: The Makkah Clock Royal Tower has prices starting from 1256 Riyals 

4. Park Hyatt Jeddah – Marina, Club, and Spa

Park Hyatt Jeddah – Marina, Club, and Spa is a popular destination for both business and pleasure travelers. It is located on the Corniche, Jeddah’s coastal tourist district. The property is known for its beautiful gardens, and from your magnificent accommodation, you can enjoy views of the sea. The region is densely packed with small shops, eateries, and attractions, enabling you to walk to all the destinations on your itinerary.

Hotel facilities: The Park Hyatt Jeddah – Marina, Club, and Spa offers a variety of amenities, including a well-equipped fitness center, a pool house, racquet, tennis courts, and more. There are three on-site restaurants to pick from, providing a wide range of dining alternatives. Nafoura has a Middle Eastern grilling station as well as wonderful Mediterranean food.

Beautiful Andalusia is the place to go for unique and delectable Moroccan cuisine. Finally, Dardasha serves both traditional Middle Eastern cuisine and cosmopolitan cuisine.

The rooms and suites of Park Hyatt Jeddah – Marina, Club, and Spa were created by Gilles Quiffet and combine elegance and comfort. Each room has its balcony with panoramas of the Red Sea.

Prices: The Park Hyatt Jeddah – Marina, Club, and Spa has prices starting at roughly 1238 Riyals.

Book hotels in Saudi Arabia and relax at one of these finest hotels after a long day of exploring the cities of the kingdom.

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