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Top Most Fuel Efficient Mini Trucks

by Nathan Zachary
Top Most Fuel Efficient Mini Trucks

Japanese Kei trucks, also known as mini trucks, are trucks under the classification of the light vehicle, designed in Japan to keep the price, insurance, and levy lower. The Japanese mini trucks are best for delivering goods to small and large business or shop owners, cargo, freight lifting, and farmers.

Moreover, Japanese Kei trucks are consistent, lightweight, strong, easy maintenance, durable, fuel-efficient, and resilient. Truckers across the globe love mini trucks for their multi-function capability.

A few specifications of Japanese Kei Trucks are:

  • Seat Belts
  • Cabs
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Lights
  • Heaters
  • Radios
  • Signals
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Two Wheel Drive
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Air Conditioning
  • Forced Induction Engines

Moreover, the Japanese mini trucks possess other optional features (depending on the vehicle you choose) with an estimated mileage of 43 miles (70 km) in one gallon of fuel.

They possess a 1.8 m long bed pickup truck bed roll with fold-down sides. Moreover, these trucks also have scissor lift – dump trailers, utility trailers, and custom truck beds with van bodies.

However, these fuel-saving and cross-country trucks can be used for a range of businesses. The Japanese Kei trucks are also prepared with speed controls that inhibit these vehicles from surpassing extreme speed limits.

Mini Trucks Popularity

Japanese mini trucks are popular for the following reasons:

  • Japanese mini trucks are favored equipment for agriculturalists. In addition, the mini trucks make it easy to cultivate mud and other off-road territories on the ranch.
  • Used Japanese mini trucks can be elevated with a railing couch that is best for transporting farm animals, crops, rolls, fertilizers, and other agricultural deliveries.
  • Mini trucks can be used as passenger cars for transporting humans instead of goods.
  • Used mini trucks can be utilized for delivering small goods.
  • It can be used effectively for jungle safari and hunting.
  • Construction companies can utilize used Japanese mini trucks for various tasks.

Most Fuel Efficient Used Japanese Mini Trucks

Let us look at some of the most fuel-efficient used mini trucks:

1. Suzuki Carry

The Suzuki Carry is a Japanese Kei Truck manufactured by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation. Moreover, it comes with a superior 1.3-liter 86-hp 63 kilowatts straight-four inline engine and has a curb weight (including tank and standard equipment weight) of around 1000 kg.

In addition, the Japanese automobile manufacturer enjoys a superior imprint and is linked with conviction and endurance. Moreover, Suzuki Carry is the most popular and fuel-efficient mini truck you can buy. With average fuel consumption of 18 to 20 km/L, it can store up to 40 liters of fuel in its tank.

2. Daihatsu Hijet

Daihatsu Hijet is the most common Japanese mini truck manufactured by Japanese automaker Daihatsu. Moreover, Daihatsu is largely popular in Canada and the United States of America. Furthermore, Daihatsu Hijet mini trucks are also known as Samurai trucks.

Daihatsu mini trucks are Japanese Kei trucks possessing small customer cabins and come with a flatbed. These trucks come in multiple engine sizes, perfect for transporting goods and light-duty hauling. The sizes of the engines include:

  • 660 CC
  • 1000 CC
  • 1500 CC

In addition, Daihatsu Hijet mini trucks are fuel-efficient and offer the best fuel average. With average fuel consumption of 20 to 22 km/L, it can store up to 40 liters of fuel in its tank. This truck is on your thought list if you plan to buy a fuel-efficient Japanese mini truck.

Moreover, the prices for these mini trucks vary from 3,000 USD to 8,000 USD for used models. However, the prices for new mini trucks range between 17,000 USD to 20,000 USD.

3. Subaru Sambar

The Subaru Sambar, a cab-over-engine (COE) truck and microvan, is another Japanese mini truck that can be considered when buying a fuel-efficient mini truck. Manufactured by Japanese transportation conglomerate Subaru, this Kei truck can easily travel more than 150,000 miles (approximately 241401 km).

With average fuel consumption of as low as 5.8 liters per 100 kilometers, it can store up to 40 liters of fuel in its tank.

4. Honda Acty

Honda Acty is manufactured by Japanese public multinational conglomerate Honda Motor Company, Ltd. The mini truck possesses loads of potential. Honda Acty is a tough contender in the mini trucks together with Suzuki Every, Suzuki Carry, Subaru Sambar, Daihatsu Hijet, Nissan NT100, etc. Additionally, the cost of Honda Acty is approximately 6500 USD to 7500 USD.

Moreover, it is identified for its subtle yet effective design. Honda Acty is cost-effective and has powerful features like Brake Override System (BOS), Power Steering, Voice Command, and air conditioning. In addition, it offers consumers to add additional customization possibilities that can meet their requirements.

Finally, Honda Acty necessitates the replacement of truck parts to progress and preserve its performance for a healthier ride.

Why Buy Used Mini Trucks From Japan?

The Japanese multi-utility mini trucks can be purchased for low costs if you are looking for secondhand trucks. In addition, buying the used Japanese mini trucks offers several benefits for the buyers, including:

  • Japanese mini trucks come with the best quality and advanced features compared to mini trucks manufactured and designed in other countries.
  • Mini trucks are in decent condition, just like new trucks, due to stringent regulations in Japan.
  • Japanese mini trucks are available at low costs compared to brand new trucks.
  • The mini trucks can perform the jobs more cautiously and are cost-effective than other big trucks.
  • Japanese mini trucks are light on pocket and offer better mileage than the new ones.
  • These vehicles can be imported easily from Japan due to auctions performed on used automobiles and through used vehicle portals in Japan.


Mini Truck Import is the leading supplier of the best quality used Japanese mini trucks and auto parts for vehicles made in Japan. With a collection of superior-quality mini trucks and their parts at reasonable costs, our goal is to deliver genuine mini trucks without hassle.

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