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7 Best Free Web Design Courses In 2022

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7 Best Free Web Design Courses In 2022

You may learn new skills and even change careers using the wealth of knowledge available on the internet.

Using free online courses, you can go from a manager to a web designer at your speed and in your own time. Discussed in this blog are seven online, free web design courses that can be used to advance your career.

Even more impressive is that they all provide beginner or full courses for free. Although some do request that you create a free account before you start so that you can track your progress and purchase more advanced courses later. All content can be obtained for free.

Top-Ranked Online Free Web Design and Development Courses

So let’s start with our post highlighting the top website design courses online.

Coursera’s Free-of-Cost Website Design Programs

Although only some courses on the Coursera website are free, it offers online classes from prestigious institutions like Stanford and Yale. The website initially encourages you to pay for classes, although you do have the choice to “audit” the course.

This entails that even if you can enroll in the course, none of your assignments will be graded, and you won’t be able to receive a certificate after the program. You might want to take into account the following free courses:

i. Javascript, HTML, and CSS for Web Developers

The Johns Hopkins University’s course on HTML, CSS, and Javascript is just what a developer needs to advance their career. With UX and UI in mind, this course will cover HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

You will learn how to design pages that load quickly, are responsive, and meet the individual needs of users in this course. From the ground up, the instructor will lead you through all you need to know about using various coding languages to build highly responsive, impeccable, and flexible websites.

ii. Coursera’s Web Development: Coding and Basics Specific Skills

You are at the right place if you’ve wanted to learn Web programming but have yet to know where to begin. If you want to learn the fundamentals of web programming, take this course.

This course, developed by the University of Michigan, covers the fundamentals and specific areas of expertise, such as HTML5 and CSS3. In this course, you will learn how to build responsive websites covering site accessibility for people with disabilities.

This course is a fantastic place to start if you want to begin a career in web development or advance your current one.

You can access the UX/UI Specialization with Coursera Plus, along with more than 3,000 other courses in areas of specialization like business, computer science, health, personal development, humanities, and more.

If you intend to enroll in several courses throughout the year, Coursera Plus will enable you to save money. You would save around $130 over three months or $520 over the year if you took a “specialization” like this five-part web design course, which typically takes about three months to finish.

  • Free Web Design Courses offered by ‘Don’t Fear The Internet.’

This learning system targets those in the creative business, such as designers and photographers. However, it is designed to enable users to learn web programming for use on their websites as well. This course is for you if your website showcases your excellent portfolio but needs a better website design.

You can learn the web programming abilities you need to enhance your website by watching seven short videos. This, albeit modest, educational endeavor gains people’s interest because of the artistic appeal of the website that hosts the classes.

  • Learn from educational videos on Skillshare

Skillshare is quite popular because of its short format classes, which provide you with useful skills in a short span of time.

It offers hundreds of classes in various subjects, including web design and UX/UI. Unlike some free web design courses, which might contain outdated material, these courses are up-to-date and current.

The best part is that Skillshare offers a two-week free trial during which you can enroll in as many courses as you like.

After the trial, you can upgrade to their Premium Membership, which allows you access to all courses at no additional cost. This will enable you to enroll in the classes and communities most beneficial to you, allowing you to continue learning and thriving.

The best part is how inexpensive it is, especially compared to expensive in-person training and workshops. A yearly subscription costs only $10 each month.

There are no obligations, and you are free to leave at any time. Their premium plans begin at $10 per month after the first two weeks.

  • PluralSight or CodeSchool

The learning-by-doing ethos of PluralSights, formerly known as CodeSchool, is a good one. This is for the novice who isn’t particularly passionate about web design. This is for those who don’t really care about the grind of learning but want to develop their own websites without relying on content management systems.

For this reason, they have created games and themes that will allow you to learn without exerting too much effort. Unfortunately, there are only eight beginning courses, but even so, they are useful for students new to web design and development.

  • Learn Layout: CSS Layout

This website is more geared toward those with some experience in web design who wish to enhance their skills. Although HTML is included, it is primarily designed to teach CSS; thus, it might not be appropriate for complete novices.

They don’t delve into information that beginners might need because they presume you already know a little about each. You get access to various informative slides that you can view at your convenience.

  • Web Development by Channel 9

This course is for you if you are a total novice with no prior knowledge of web design or programming. They are set up as sequential videos that are simple to follow.

You can try the following lesson once you have mastered the fundamentals of the previous one. There are 21 distinct tutorials available for beginners that cover all you need to know to build an effective website with lots of material. If you go through all of them at once, it will take you 12 hours.

  • Dash General Assembly for Beginners

This course teaches a little about web design through a series of engaging story-based tutorials. It instructs the audience on the fundamentals of web design, including lessons on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Pay attention to how straightforward ideas are applied to create aesthetically beautiful websites. It won’t work for individuals who want an eCommerce website, but it might be for those who want to make their new website stand out without hiring an expert to do it for them.

The course briefly touches on programming and design; it could be more in-depth. Just enough information is provided to enable you to create a professional-looking website.

Udemy’s Online Web Design and Development Sessions

Udemy is one of the most well-liked e-learning sites for creatives across all fields. The California-based company, which has over 100,000 courses, provides a large selection of excellent recorded classes, many of which pertain to web design. The following are some of its most preferred selections:

This offering, written by UX and UI guru Joe Natoli, covers the subtleties of generating web design strategies, the components of successful websites, and comprehending how B2B and B2C tactics play a significant function in content creation.

Domestika’s Web Design Online Courses

Domestika is another e-learning company that experts around the world see as trustworthy. Enrollees will be happy to know that the site’s services are wide and comprehensive, making it the platform with arguably the fastest-growing creative community on the internet. There is a lot to appreciate and explore here since unlimited web design courses are available.

Domestika’s Design, Development, and Launch of a Website is a series of 27 in-depth lectures that last less than three hours and are taught by web design specialist Javier Usobiaga Ferrer. This selection, which comes with 33 additional resources and certificates that students can download after the course, is one of the provider’s best-selling products for understandable reasons.

To conclude: Take web design courses and become a professional designer

One of the best things about the internet is the free learning tools, but employers are likely to hire you based only on what you learned after receiving formal education. However, before enrolling in a paid course of study, you can take a free course to see if you like it and determine your level of proficiency.

Free courses are a great method to brush up on or advance your current web design expertise and are the first step toward landing your ideal job. Feel free to attempt to read a few web design books and attend seminars as well. Once you have gained some skills, you can try web design on your own or even try working as a freelancer to create professional and custom web designs.

The road ahead may appear intimidating when you initially pursue web design education. Such fundamental ideas as UI and UX design, visual design, CSS, HTML5, responsive web design, as well as the design principles you should adhere to, stretch out in front of you. There are also several classes and design tools like Figma and Adobe XD that can assist you if you have ever wanted to be a designer.

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