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Top Real Wedding Ideas to Steal Your Day

by Nathan Zachary
Gift Boxes

The wedding is the big day in everyone’s life.  Almost one year, everyone starts the wedding preparations. Now marriage is not about just exchanging vows it is more than that.  Whether you want a destination wedding or not. Which destination do you prefer for your wedding? The wedding theme, bride and groom dress, and guests, there is so much to do one comes to the wedding. Everyone wants to make their big day unforgettable. Besides the dresses and decorations, the next important thing in marriage is the food! What to present the guest and how to present the guest. For the favor which gift boxes are best and are the food boxes complementing the theme of the wedding? 

You do not want to make mistakes in the wedding arrangements and make it your wedding day like a celebrity’s wedding day. Send your friends home with some fascinating food boxes. With food, favor boxes, the decoration you have to be careful about their color: designs, prints, and logo. So here we have collected some eye-catching wedding fancy gift box ideas for you to turn your ordinary wedding into an extraordinary wedding.

Cardboard Gift Boxes

Be simple to be innovative. When thinking about cardboard, usually the word “boring” comes to your mind. It is not like that thinks another way around. Cardboard and innovation have connected. You can play with your ideas when working on the gift boxes. You can even customize them as per your wedding theme. The color, the designs, and whatnot. You can also make the partition into rectangular cardboard boxes to offer eye-catching food boxes to your guests.

Unlike others, when using cardboard material for the box, it will not cost you much. Its making is easy and requires less expensive and suits your wedding budget. Your approach towards this material also leaves the impression on the guest that you love your motherland and want to save it. Cardboard material is eco-friendly and reusable.

Printed Gift Boxes

Make your guest happy with the beautiful thank-you gift. Most people use the premake favor boxes as their thank-you gift to the guest. But to make your guest feel special offer them gift boxes with thank you messages printed on them. There are multiple ideas for it you can use a simple kraft box with a beautiful message on it. Make this box more presentable by adding a theme color ribbon to it. It is your special day and makes your guest feel special because it is not an ordinary wedding in a town. Print it, Make it, and Design it.

Custom Gift Boxes

From A to Z customize your wedding do not copy the old fashion. If it is your wedding, then nothing is comparable to the custom food boxes. Customize the size color and shape. Pick the design in which you want to print your favorite pattern because it’s your day. The favor boxes will make others never forget this special day. You can add any gift item or chocolate or candy.  Food boxes wholesale is the best option for chocolates or other wedding snacks. You can get them in an economical gift box with little customization.  

Why Compromise on the Cake?

The cake is a special item for any wedding. Everyone search months before for the best wedding cake. You discuss the color and design with the baker regarding the wedding cake. You also decorate the cake table as per the wedding theme. If you are giving so much to the cake then why compromise on the box? The wedding cake box should be strong enough to withstand the stress during transportation and also keep it fresh. If you are running a cake business, you are then getting cake boxes wholesale for weddings with a message on them. Also, ask the customer about the theme of the occasion so that it will make it convenient for you to print the message on it.

Think Out OF the Box

The key to a successful wedding is innovation, and creative ideas. Always think out of the box when you want something unique and attractive. Why always square box for the cake? Why a typical food box why not a round box

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