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Top Reasons For You To Get An Effective

by Nathan Zachary

If you are a practicing psychiatrist and are disillusioned by the lack of effective treatment procedures in psychiatry, you can turn to EMDR. Indeed, EMDR is an established therapy for mental illnesses. It stands for Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. This is a therapy for fighting mental health conditions. It involves moving your eyes while processing traumatic memories.

This procedure can help you heal your emotions distressed by trauma or other distressing experiences. This is a new therapy, but clinical studies have exhibited its effectiveness. Indeed, it may be more effective and work faster compared to many other mental illness treatment methods.

EMDR Consultation

You need to handle carefully the people coming to you for EMDR treatment. This is a specialized procedure that requires skill and experience. If you are not experienced enough in imparting EMDR treatment, you may need to go for training. Indeed, some trainers have done a lot of studies on EMDR and have a lot of experience in treating patients using these techniques. However, every mental anomaly does not merit EMDR treatment. You need to have a good idea about people who need EMDR treatment. 

Who Needs EMDR Therapy?

EMDR can help patients of various ages such as adolescents, teenagers, and adults suffering from a wide range of mental issues. Indeed, aged people can benefit from such treatment. Some psychiatrists specialize in EMDR for children.

How Is This Treatment Useful?

During EMDR therapy, the patient does not need to talk in detail about a distressing issue. The essence of the therapy lies in influencing the patient to make him focus on changing his emotions, behaviors, and thoughts that may result from trauma or distressing experience. However, you need proper EMDR Consultation which can trigger a natural healing process. The consultant targets your mind rather than your brain. Indeed, there is a vast difference between the mind and the brain. 

The Mind and Brain Connection

Although people usually don’t differentiate between “mind” and “brain”, they are different. The brain is an organ while the mind is the collection of thoughts, beliefs, memories, and experiences residing in the brain. A psychiatrist using EMDR techniques relies on the Adaptive Information Processing model, which throws light on how your brain stores memories. It states that your brain stores memories of normal and traumatic events differently.


If you are a practicing psychiatrist, you must enquire about the emerging field of EMDR. You need to visit an experienced consultant for EMDR consultationIf you acquire experience in practicing EMDR techniques, you can help a lot of people overcome traumatic and unpleasant experiences. Since such experiences have the potential to destabilize your mental equilibrium, it is good for patients to approach an experienced psychiatrist in EMDR treatment. However, before that happens you need proper training and experience in EMDR.

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