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Top 5 Trending Flutter Packages in 2022

by Nathan Zachary
Flutter New Features In 2022

Google originally introduced Flutter UI in 2017 to design aesthetically pleasing native apps. Flutter UI is a cross-platform UI kit that supports developers to build web, android, iOS, and desktop apps from a single code base. 

Flutter is technically written in C ++ and uses Dart language for programming. Similar to react js. by facebook, Flutter is also an open-source library with a growing community and support from its original creators. Google as a creator distributes official content including youtube videos to help developers keep up with the impending changes. 

The reusable element of the flutter library is one of the reasons it is widely used among developers. With the website pub. dev, the flutter community publishes and shares reusable packages that support Dart programming and flutter apps. 

Different packages of flutter come with several capabilities, tools, and support for several functions. The packages help minimize the hustles for extended coding and enhance the functionality. 

Top 5 Trending Flutter Packages in 2022


Rxdart is one of the popular packages among the developers working through asynchronous programming which helps them revamp the user experience. The package is easily available at ‘package: flutter/material.dart’. 

Rxdart is encompassed by extended capabilities such as dart streams and stream controllers. The package enables the developers to smoothly integrate react native capabilities with the flutter applications to enhance the user experience including operating processors iOS, tvOS, macOS, Windows, and Android apps.

The package is designed for smarter use of several additional operators in any of your flutter projects including extension methods, subjects, and stream classes. The additional stream controllers offered by the rxdart package have impeccable capabilities of emitting errors before a user subscribes to a Stream. 


Fl_charts is designed to support the customized looks of data-intensive bar charts, pie charts, scattered charts, line charts, and donut charts. The package is a suitable choice for both beginner and expert-level flutter projects and applications. fl_chart package creates an environment consisting of filtering and analysis of several data representation models.

The package is the to-go bindle for easy interpretation of large amounts of data depicted by the database of flutter apps. The tools of fl_charts aid in an exceptional performance daily.  

As far as the installation is concerned fl_chart will start with adding dependencies via dependencies: fl_chart: ^0.15.


Url_launcher is one of the handiest packages for flutter projects. The package is designed to support the launch of relative and/or absolute URLs on any mobile operating system such as iOS and Android. 

As a transitive url_launcher also supports multiple schema types such as Emails, Sms, Maps, etc which further attracts the users to web pages where they may find solutions in terms of servicing they have been looking for. 

The url_launcher enables the developers to experiment with the launch of native web pages with appropriate encoding. 

to use the url_launcher on an open-source cross-platform all you have to do is search for the command pubspec assist: add dependency and stop after you select it. you can enter cloud firestone or any other package you are required to. Once you have selected it you will have access to the url_launcher. Now you are ready to launch any type of URL conveniently!


Package: async is often considered a utility alternative of the week rather than a flutter package; regardless it has several benefits for the flutter projects. Package: async support streams with which you receive a sequence of user-generated events that indicates if and when something has fizzled out during the period of code execution. Within its error detection territory, the package also has a couple of useful additions such as stream group and AsyncCache. 

StreamGroup allows you to merge the streams of various functions in a single and easily switchable solution for the existing codes. Whereas AsyncCache saves time and the extra hustles of the class-generated cached results. Within a specific period, it generated cached results for all sets of repeated calls that add flutter functionality and exceptional performance. 

Along with Stream with and other useful additions offered by this package helps in better handling of the events.


Dio was provisionally developed by flutter china and is a well-known networking package. Within the community is renowned as the powerful HTTP client for client-optimized language DART. The package supports various aspects of flutter projects such as file loading, global configuration, and Req. cancellation, timeout. form data, interceptors, etc. 

Dio is technically beneficial to flutter developers as it supports and handles every aspect from filling forms to file loading the file comprising several functions and variables. Additionally, the intuitive API of the Dio HTTP package can perform basic as well as advanced-level networking tasks. 

To get started with it first you need to add Dio: ^3.0.8 dependency and then install the global package through pub get or the flutter pub. Dio is widely and extensively used as a powerful tool for flutter mobile app development and other projects. 

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