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Tow Truck Service in Zawiercie

by Nathan Zachary
Pomoc Drogowa

If you’re looking for a reliable tow truck service in Zawiercie, you’ve come to the right place. The Holmes Towing Company has been in business for over 90 years and specializes in custom-built tow trucks. The company’s vehicles are available to hire for competitive prices.

Wheel lift tow trucks

If you’re in need of a tow truck in Zawiercie, you might want to look into wheel lift tow trucks. These trucks are capable of lifting light-duty vehicles. They’re also more affordable than flatbed tow trucks. These vehicles are often used by towing companies, but they are also used by independent drivers.

Basically, they lift the wheels of a vehicle to the point where they’re level with the ground. This is done to minimize the amount of friction between the towed car and the tow truck. Ideally, the car and truck will not touch each other when turning.

Modern tow trucks

Modern tow trucks are equipped with a variety of features and are highly maneuverable. Some of the trucks are capable of lifting up to 70 tons. The essential components of a tow truck, however, remain the same. For instance, a modern heavy-duty wrecker is capable of lifting an overturned semi with its cargo load.

Initially, tow trucks used hooks and pulleys to pull vehicles. They also used a proprietary operating system. This meant that a single operator could do the work of half a dozen or more men. But as technology progressed, the towing industry had to keep up. With the introduction of the “V” towing coupler, tow trucks were able to move up to thirty miles per hour.

Wheel lift tow trucks can lift 70 tons

Wheel lift tow trucks are ideal for municipal governments on a tight budget. They are much smaller than a typical tow truck and use far less fuel. They are also more maneuverable and can fit into small spaces. Larger, full tow trucks and heavy-duty wreckers take up more space and are more difficult to move.

Wheel lift tow trucks are great for towing a car because they are able to fit into smaller spaces. This is especially useful when the car is parked in a parking structure or low-lying on the ground. They also can be cheaper than flatbed towing. They can also protect the rims of your car and minimize damage to it.

Holmes built and sold tow trucks in Zawiercie

Ernest Holmes built and sold tow trucks in Zawierice, Poland. His inspiration came from an accident involving a Model T. In order to fix this problem, Holmes modified a 1913 Cadillac chassis and attached an iron chain, pulley, and poles to the back. After spending two years perfecting the design, Holmes filed a patent for it in January 1918. His tow truck was the first of its kind.

For more than 90 years, Holmes Towing Products has built and sold tow trucks. The company specializes in custom-built tow trucks. Its vehicles are built for ease of operation and maintenance. It also sells parts and has a full service department.

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