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Trademark Registration Online In India

by Nathan Zachary
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One definition of a trademark is the distinctive identification that sets your organization, product, or service apart from those offered by competitors. Your company’s intellectual property or intangible asset is a trademark that has been successfully registered. It safeguards the investment made in gaining your consumers’ confidence and loyalty as a result of such efforts.

The registration grants the right to sue third parties who attempt to imitate your trademark registration and forbids third parties from using a trademark that is identical to the one that has been registered by the owner of the trademark.

What Kinds of Things Can Be Registered as Trademarks?

You may register your trademark for many different components of your company’s brand image. The element of your brand that sticks out to your clients is the one you need to focus on analyzing and improving. Choose whatever aspect(s) you want to register for.

  1. Name a. Product Name: You are able to register the name of a certain product as a trademark. b. Address: 1. The iPod is a product name that Apple has trademarked.

a. Company Name: The most typical action that a company will take is to register its name as a trademark in order to protect it. Ex: Bajaj.

c. Person’s Name and Surname: You may even be able to trademark registration online for your name if it plays a significant role in the generation of income. Example: Shah Rukh Khan has registered his name as a trademark.

d. Abbreviations: an abbreviation of a business or brand name has the potential to be a trademark in its own right. Ex: BMW.

  1. Logo/Symbol

Because it is a visual representation of your company, securing a trademark for your logo is strongly advised. Customers will have an easier time remembering a logo than they would a person. The’swoosh,’ which is used by Nike, is a fantastic example of a logo trademark.

  1. Tagline

You are free to trademark not just your brand name but also any catchphrases or slogans that are associated with it. Customers may learn more about your company’s values and philosophies via a slogan. Take, for instance, the slogan “It’s finger lickin’ good” from KFC.

  1. Other Available Choices

a. Color Mark: You have the ability to register a color or a combination of colors as a trademark. (For example, Cadbury has registered the color royal blue as a trademark.)

b. Sound Mark: If we can demonstrate that a musical note or sound is unique, then we may trademark it as a sound mark. Nokia has secured a trademark for its ringtone.

c. Scent Mark: It is possible to trademark smells as well.

Why Is the Registration of a Trademark So Important?

The following are some of the reasons why registering a trademark is essential for a company:

  • It highlights the singularity of your individuality.
  • It makes it easier to earn the confidence and continued business of your consumers.
  • It provides you with legal protection for the identity of your brand.
  • It is valuable in and of itself.
  • It stops others from using the identity of your brand without your permission.

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