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Travel Guide For Kheerganga Trek

by Nathan Zachary

One of the most well-known treks in Himachal Pradesh is the Kheerganga Trek, which is situated at a height of 2950 m (9678 ft) above sea level. The Parvati Valley’s Kheerganga Hike is categorised as a beginner-level trek. In addition to its stunning natural surroundings, Kheerganga Peak is linked to numerous legendary occasions.

This journey draws travellers all year long because of this. The main draw of this walk is the ancient Shiva temple that dates back thousands of years that is located on Kheerganga’s peak and the Parvati Kund that is close to the temple. On Kheerganga Peak, there is a natural hot water tank as Parvati Kund (the natural hot water flowing here is a sulfur-containing which has medicinal properties.).

The mountains used to shed kheer here and used to fall into this pool in Satyuga, according to an ancient myth associated with Parvati Kund. The hot water in this pool still mostly comes from the natural hot water that seeps down from the mountains. The Kheerganga trek is a stunning walk that originally originates from Barsheni village.

Parvati Valley

You ascend Kheerganga during the Kheerganga Trek, passing through a lovely settlement in the Parvati valley, deep forests with a lot of trees, wide meadows, lovely waterfalls dropping from a great height, and the Parvati river running here.

Similar to how the sights from Kheerganga’s summit are unforgettable, the views you witness while hiking up Kheerganga will likewise stick in your memory. Starting a strenuous task like trekking from Kheerganga Walk would be highly advantageous for you if you are a novice hiker because there are tiny eateries set up for you to rest and eat throughout the entire trek.

Due to the amenities offer by the locals, the Kheerganga walk has gotten much simpler in recent years. Although the Kheerganga hike is quite handy, many people still have issues about it, which I will attempt to address in this piece.

The Kheerganga Trek, one of Himachal’s most well-known hikes, is accessible to travellers all year round. The Parvati valley’s Kheerganga Trek is refer to as a natural paradise. However, this journey is close for a while during the winter anytime there is a lot of snowfall here.


In addition, this walk gets even more gorgeous during the monsoon season. But because of the heavy rains, the entire trek becomes much more slippery. For this reason, if at all feasible, only undertake this walk during the rainy season if it is absolutely necessary. The 14 km Kheerganga hike begins at Barsheni village and covers the entire distance.

The Kheerganga walk requires a total of two days to accomplish. In addition, you can hike the Buni-Buni pass, which is a short distance from the Kheerganga walk. To locate the Buni-Buni pass, you must carry an extra day. You’ll need a day to finish the track from Kheerganga to the Buni-Buni pass.

By the way, you may finish the Kheerganga track in a day if you want to. But it will be a very taxing programme for you. And as a result, you are unable to fully enjoy this song. You pass through the deep Parvati Valley forests, springs, and rivers as you make your way to the top of Kheerganga throughout the entire walk.

This trek has seen a lot of visitor traffic in recent years, which has led to the locals beginning to find excellent work prospects nearby. You may readily find all kinds of amenities, such as food and lodging, while on the Kheerganga hike.


Along with camping options for a night’s stay, you can discover small and large eateries and cafes throughout the walk. The cost to have a tent constructed at Kheerganga Peak starts at approx. Rs. 1000 and includes breakfast and dinner. If you bring camping gear with you, you may also remain here by paying the applicable dinner and breakfast fees.

If you are an experienced trekker, you can accomplish the Kheerganga trek on your own with ease. But if this is your first trek, I would advise going with a trekking company or a local guide. Despite the fact that the Kheerganga trek is regard as a very easy trip, it is believe that this route is the ideal for novice trekkers.

However, it is unpredictable when the weather in the highlands changes, so trekking with an experience person is usually recommended. You need to allow extra time to travel to Barsheni village and return home even if the Kheerganga trek only takes two days to complete.

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