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Essential Things to Carry While Traveling to North Goa

by Uneeb Khan
Essential Things to Carry While Traveling to North Goa

You must have planned a Goa trip with your friends or cousins. But was that trip become successful or did the whole planning go to trash? If you are thinking that you are the only person whose Goa plan gets canceled or postponed, no worries as the majority of the people don’t get a chance to visit Goa on their first planning.

If your Goa plan is going to become the reality and you are ready to enjoy these vacations in this smallest state of India but most appealing in its vibes, we are here to assist you. As a first-time visitor to Goa, you must be anxious or confused regarding things to carry while traveling to Goa.

If you are thinking the same, this article will help you as we have made a list of essential things to carry while traveling to North Goa.

If you are thinking the same, this article will help you as we have made a list of essential things to carry while traveling to North Goa.


Goa is known for its beaches and laid-back atmosphere; wearing other clothing is not necessary most of the time. For your trip to Goa, you should bring more than one swimsuit, and it’s recommended to go all out with brilliant colors and modern styles to give yourself a creative look.


Goa is having weather that is a blend of high humidity and high temperature. In the afternoon, the sun will shine very brighter leading to the scorching heat. Here to protect your skin from tanning and the harmful ultraviolet rays, you should carry an SPF50+ sunscreen lotion with you whenever you go to any beach or to enjoy any water sports as these are the best things to do in Goa.


Because eye protection is just as vital as skin protection when traveling to North Goa, sunglasses rank as one of the most essential items in your luggage.

You must be prepared to handle such excesses because the strong sun rays of coastal places are effective at doing their job. Given that you would be able to obtain alcohol in Goa, the sunglasses also have the added benefit of masking hungover eyes.

Also, these sunglasses will give you a funky look.

High Zoom Camera

A journey to a place as breathtakingly beautiful as Goa would be incomplete without the appropriate equipment to capture the occasion for later enjoyment, such as a DSLR camera. Like many other wonderful vacations, a trip to Goa demands keeping your high-zoom camera nearby to capture the perfect moment in the perfect light.

By doing this, you can immortalize priceless moments in photographs.

Cotton Wear such as Shorts and Light Clothes

One of the most essential things to carry while traveling to North Goa is comfortable clothes. You should wear light clothes to make the most of your trip in a place like Goa. In essence, cotton and shorts are preferable to other types of clothing. Men can dress in simple chinos or linen pants and shirts, and shorts are also appropriate.

Cotton dresses, tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, and cotton shorts are among the more girly and endearing items on the list of requirements for women.

First-Aid Kit

Although Goa comes alive at night, it’s a good idea to have your needs with you when you embark on your late-night excursions since not everything there is open 24/7.

Consequently, it is imperative to carry a first aid kit. In addition to the usual prescriptions for headaches, colds, tummy aches, and antiseptics, the ideal medicine box would also have over-the-counter hangover remedies.

You should now be aware of what to pack for your Goa holiday. However, there is something essential that you are also searching for. That is the place to stay in North Goa, no other. No worries, we will also give you advice on where to stay in Goa.

Best Place to Stay in Goa

Goa is full of backpackers’ hostels and if you want to enjoy a budget trip to Goa, there cannot be a better place than Anjoned Hostels & Cafe. This is the best backpacker hostel in Anjuna North Goa that offers you comfortable dorms as well as private rooms.

The environment of this hostel is very lively where you get the opportunity to make new friends. The management of this hostel is known for offering the finest hospitality services in North Goa making it the best place to stay in North Goa.

Final Words

Now it’s time to conclude this discussion as all of your questions must be answered at this point. Therefore, now is the ideal moment to organize your trip to Goa with greater excitement. Make lifelong experiences while staying at one of the best hostels in North Goa, sunbathing at various beaches, engaging in daring water sports, and attending nonstop parties at renowned nightclubs.

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