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Why Give Your Child Turkish Black Mat For Prayer

by Nathan Zachary
Turkish Black mat for prayer

Prayer is a very important pillar in the Muslim religion. It is an integral part of the education of Muslim children and is necessary for well-being, happiness and success. Turkish Black mat for prayer Here are the reasons why every parent should give their child a prayer rug. 

To introduce the child to prayer

Very small, children are very curious and can assimilate many things. They are able to memorize certain movements, behaviors and even words of their siblings, elders and/or parents. Indeed, when you pray at home or at the mosque, invite your child to do the same from an early age. He will watch you do it every day and will quickly get used to it.

The child will then be able to imitate your movements and will be able to reproduce them instinctively without needing to be guided. Offering him a personal children’s prayer mat would therefore be interesting to encourage him and motivate him to pray by your side. In addition, children appreciate that an object or instrument is assigned exclusively to them and not to be shared with another person. They feel unique, loved, respected and take care of the object in question.

By visiting a specialized online store, you will find several very pretty patterns for children’s prayer rugs . These would undoubtedly correspond to the choices and preferences of your children! When your child reaches the age of understanding, involve him in prayer on his personal mat. It is by inviting him to pray with you that he will develop the love of prayer. Ask him to share his intentions with you so he can thrive in his world! 

To make the child love prayer

In any religion, prayer is important. It is therefore advisable to inculcate the required religious values ​​and practices in your child gradually. If your child has become accustomed to watching you pray at home as in the mosque, he will begin to master the movements and behaviors to adopt for prayer. You can also begin to teach him little by little the little prayers to recite while arousing in him the love of prayer. 

Make sure that his moments of entertainment do not coincide with the moments of prayer. Indeed, he might feel frustrated leaving his games for prayer. If you haven’t already thought about getting her a prayer rug, now is the time. This will motivate him to accomplish this “duty” with joy and gaiety. You will teach him what posture to have during prayer and how to go about it.

You can also ask him to lead while helping him if he forgets the passages to meditate. Alternatively, suggest that he take turns praying with his brothers and sisters. Avoid pressuring or intimidating him with aggressive language. Encourage his efforts in this task which is not easy. Discuss with him the benefits and rewards that come to those who pray and obey Allah with love. 

Which model to choose?

The prayer rug comes in a variety of materials, colors and options. There is a prayer mat suitable for children and designed to make you more comfortable during long prayers.

More flexible and with a seat, the prayer rug with backrest is made for you if you experience back pain most of the time. This model helps to boost your concentration. Buying a comfortable mat presents itself as a better investment since it makes it possible to pray in a more practical environment.

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