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Unexpected Ways in Which an eCommerce SEO Consultant Can Benefit a Business

by Nathan Zachary

The benefits of eCommerce SEO consultants are fairly well-known amongst online merchants and digital marketers. SEO, or search engine optimization, can improve organic keyword rankings, increasing both impressions and website visits.

But what about the lesser-known benefits of working with a qualified eCommerce consultant? Let’s take a look at some of these.

Increasing the Qualities of Leads Through Target Keyword Adjustment Suggestions
Improving SEO is not just about generating higher impressions that result in greater clicks and visits. After all, an organic traffic boost isn’t worth much if more people see the website and don’t click, or worse, click and then bounce.

The quality of the leads that reach an eCommerce business’s website is tied in large part to the keywords targeted as a part of a campaign. The keywords targeted should be relevant to the client queries and moreover, targeted keywords should be associated with commercial and transactional search intent.

An eCommerce SEO consultant can review an eCommerce site’s keyword research and make suggestions for adjustments that should improve the quality of leads with respect to conversion rates.

Making Suggestions for UX Improvements That Improve User Engagement and Decrease Bounce
Sometimes high bounce and exit rates are more a product of low-quality UX than they are of poor keyword targeting.

If an online store’s UI or UX does not deliver on visitor expectations, it can turn an otherwise decent eCommerce website into an industrial bounce machine.

Poor integrations, bad brand alignment, low-quality content, and many other factors (which eCommerce SEO experts will notice and realign) can all have an advice impact on a website’s UX.

Supporting Your Organic Marketing Efforts with Additional Campaigns
Sometimes, eCommerce SEO services need a little bump from supporting organic marketing campaigns that can also have an impact on ranking factors and organic search results.

There is a reason that many eCommerce SEO companyies also specialize in supporting organic marketing services such as social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

It’s not simply because these are revenue generators for them, but because the same skills that they apply to SEO are also relevant to these. Also, improving a client’s content and organic visibility through, for instance, social media, will also have a noticeably positive impact on SEO.

Potentially Decreasing the Cost of Acquisition by Diminishing a Company’s Reliance on PPC
Finally, eCommerce SEO strategies stand to have a positive impact on decreasing a website’s cost of acquisition through lesser reliance on PPC over the long term.

The more an online business relies on paid search marketing avenues to support traffic streams, the higher its overall cost per acquisition will be.

Furthermore, the more that same company leans more heavily on organic avenues, the less expensive each acquisition will be since they won’t be paying directly for them.

In addition to making suggestions to improve site speed and optimize product pages with new copy, eCommerce SEO consultants can help bring down the ultimate, eventual costs associated with PPC.

Contact an eCommerce SEO Consultant Today
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Their audits are free, and comprehensive, and offer a snapshot not only of the eCommerce business’s organic standings and potential opportunities for improvements but also of how and where big competitors are positioned. They are the ideal way for cautious companies to gather some insight into relevant associated factors before making potentially costly strategic decisions.

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